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Amazing Wedding Reception Ideas – What Is A Reception?

wedding reception lay out- touch of class bridal and alterations

wedding reception lay out- touch of class bridal and alterations

A wedding reception is a party that is held after the marriage ceremony. The reception is just hospitality for those who have attended the wedding

The couple receives gifts and has lots of fun with their family and friends, for the first time as a married couple. Everyone is served the bride and grooms choice of food and drink, although a wedding cake is very popular.

Entertaining guests after a wedding ceremony is traditional in most societies. They can last anywhere from half an hour to many hours or even days. In different cultures, separate wedding receptions are held for the bride’s and groom’s families.

Before a reception a social event takes place and everyone is supplied with light refreshments, this became a popular trend. Weddings were celebrated with wedding breakfasts, but only for those whose religious traditions encouraged morning weddings.

Wedding Ball dance was for those who were married in the evening. The name (reception) was labeled in the 20th century, and is being applied to any social event after a wedding, whether it is brunch, tea, dinner, or a dance.

Wedding celebrations use to be held in the bride’s home, in whatever style of entertainment was within the means of the family.

Dance Halls became common, and were rented out by those planning a reception that had tons of things that their homes could not hold.

Wedding celebrations are now typically held in hotel ballrooms, community halls, social halls at the church or other sacred places where the wedding ceremony took place.

Amazing Wedding Reception Ideas 2013 – Dessert Bars

Dessert bar and cake inspiration

Dessert bar and cake inspiration

A dessert bar is a very unique thing to add to your reception.

Provide your guests an alternative to wedding cake by setting up a dessert bar with colorful candies or a variety of cakes and sweet treats.

Make sure that your desserts are customized to complement the essence of your celebration.

A unique dessert display adds a level of excitement with a beautiful presentation of impressive mini sweets.

When you have a candy table present its nice to fill it with sweets in the celebration’s color, for example: palette of white, gold, blush, and light peach.

Berries and fresh cream will be the perfect touch depending on wedding reception themes.

Amazing Wedding Reception Ideas 2013 – Reception Table Decorations

A centerpiece would be nice. Centerpieces vary in all different sizes, shapes and colors.

You don’t have to do giant centerpieces.  Instead place tall centerpieces on one-third of your tables and on the rest use pillar candles with small satellite

If you want to draw attention to the head table, use a tall floral centerpiece to fill a large reception space.

Every bride finds themselves drawn to more that one style, this is why you must choose wisely depending on the celebration theme.

wedding reception

wedding reception

There are several nice things you can do with tinted water glasses or etched glasses.

All of these elements add layers and visual interest to the table and environment.

Keep away from using deep purples and reds in the summer and don’t use flowering branches in the fall.

Try to use local, seasonal blooms, not only because they’re beautiful, but they’re also most likely to fit your budget.

Think of tableware as an accessories to the look at your wedding. Just as you might accent a dress with your jewelry to make a more personal statement.

Visit the Touch of Class Bridal Alterations website for more information and inspiration.

It’s the first step to make your wedding dress perfect!

alterations wedding dress bridal gown seamstress phoenix az

Touch Of Class Alterations In Phoenix AZ Offers Free Bridal Fittings & Quotes

Mari Is A Local Phoenix Wedding Dress Designer & Seamstress -
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Touch of Class Bridal Alterations is located in Phoenix AZ Mari has 26 years of experience in bridal fashion and custom wedding dress design.

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Wedding Dress

Trending Wedding Dresses 2013

For 25 years or more we have celebrated the most creative wedding ideas such as in food, flowers, decor, music and more.

As a fresh year stretches before us (2013), it’s out with the old and in with the new.

Marriage is as old of a tradition , but  new etiquette trends and fresh traditions play a big part in the marriages of today.

Some of the traditions fade away, while others become more popular over time.

A wedding is a major events in our lives and can change us forever. The dream of a perfect wedding has always been on every girl’s list.

If you are bringing in the New Year with a ring on your finger, I will continue to keep you informed and let you know the latest trends.

This is a perfect year to get married! This is another season, and there is always another exquisite wedding dress. Make your wedding dress perfect in your own eyes.

Bold and bright colors will also be used in weddings, from decor, to bridesmaids dresses and even for the bride.

Bridesmaids go as far as wearing dresses with more pattern such as, polka dots, stripes or very bright color dresses. Another trend is mixing and matching your bright colors yellow dresses with red jewelry and shoes.

Brides carry a bright and colorful bouquet, and they are adding color to their jewelry, colorful flowers for hair, colorful shoes and maybe a bright color ribbon around the waist.

Trending Wedding Dress Styles Of 2013- Enhancing Your Wedding Gown

Everyone has a dream dress, which is where I come in. You Can start with a newly purchased wedding gown or one that you already have in your wardrobe and watch your dream gown appear through Mari’s wedding dress restyling magic.

Visit the Touch of Class Bridal Alterations website for more information and inspiration.

A bustle can be added for as little as $10. Bra linings, laced-corset backs, zippers and modesty panels can also be affordably added to transform the original gown into one that’s simply perfect for your dream wedding.

Enhance your gown with stones, beads, sequins and appliques, because 2013 is definitely the year for glamor, glitz and color.

A lace wedding dress is also a trending 2013 style of wedding dresses. Putting lace on anything makes it look so feminine. Lace is also part of vintage weddings that are also trendy.

wedding dress

Make your wedding dress perfect in your own eyes

Shades of white are always fashionable, they are definitely not the only choices you have within colors.

The traditional white wedding dress symbolizes purity and chastity, theses are the two virtues a woman about to get married was supposed to have in the past.

The bridal custom of wearing white started in the 16th century when Queen Victoria decided to wear a white wedding gown instead of the silver dress royal brides used to wear at that time.

Everything from soft subtle colors to bold bright colors are being worn as the primary color or in an accent such as a sash, panel or beaded trim.

Colorful wedding gowns are not traditional,  but the individuals that choose to wear them looks like they have fun in them.

For some weddings the brides maids are even given a color and they have the option to choose their own dress.

There has even been some instances in 2013 where brides have even add pockets to their wedding dress… Unique right?

The most popular choices for 2013 are corsets, dresses with dramatic backs and more revealing cleavage.

In 1981 Lady Diana started a trend. Her original wedding dress consisted of bows, puffy sleeves and a large skirt.

In 2012, Kate Middleton’s lace wedding dress made lace very popular and it is  trending again for 2013.

Lace wedding dresses are very popular for new brides. When you decide to go with a lace wedding dress just make sure that the lace is high quality and well made.

Sweet heart necklines are very elegant. Adding a sweetheart neckline to a strapless wedding dress, can add a more dramatic look to the strapless wedding gown. Your dress would definitely look better if the bust line is already heavily beaded or adorned.

The benefit of adding a sweetheart neckline to a wedding dress is that it always adds curves and shape to the bustline.

Several dress designers forget to continue the attention to detail in the bust or neckline. It is very common to see a bride fall in love with the exact dress that consists of almost everything that they want.

Ways To Getting Around Clearing Your Bank Account On Your Special Day…

Bow tie wedding dress

Bow tie wedding dress

Even though there is a great amount of information available due to the internet, the fact is many brides are forced to choose their wedding dress between just 2 or 3 bridal shops.

There are many different wedding stores and boutiques  in phoenix to choose from, and most do not offer free bridal fittings and discount alterations after a dress sale is final.

For brides on a budget being able to compare a designer and exact dress style is very important.

In order to avoid  high prices the bride needs to look outside of visiting expensive wedding boutiques or bridal stores.

When brides are able to find styles that are similar, and compare oranges to oranges, then and only then can the true ability to recognize value begins.

A bride feels confident when she has found the best quality and price.

Every bride has a particular style of dress in mind and when she feels confident enough that she has found a dress with almost everything she has ever dreamed of, then that is the exact moment that she makes her decision.

Visit the Touch of Class Bridal Alterations website for more information and inspiration.

It’s the first step to make your wedding dress perfect!

alterations wedding dress bridal gown seamstress phoenix az

Touch Of Class Alterations In Phoenix AZ Offers Free Bridal Fittings & Quotes

Mari Is A Local Phoenix Wedding Dress Designer & Seamstress -
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About the Author

Touch of Class Bridal Alterations is located in Phoenix AZ Mari has 26 years of experience in bridal fashion and custom wedding dress design.

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Beach Side Theme


Beachside Wedding

The beachside theme is One of the easiest summer wedding themes to pull off.

In order to pull off this theme, think about beach inspired colors, bright and airy textures and elements that speak to the beach.

It’s all about the beach this season, so it makes sense to bring this theme to life at a wedding.

For instance, centerpieces could contain seashells, sea glass and sand, or you could wear a casing dress and your husband to be could wear a linen suit.

This is a very popular theme this year (2013). This theme is very simple and beautiful and you can’t go wrong with choosing a beach side themed wedding this year.

Garden Theme

Garden theme

Beautiful Garden Theme

Another theme that is simple to pull off in the summer months is a garden theme.

With the popularity of all things organic and green, choosing a garden theme for your wedding is a great choice.

Garden themes are trendy, yet classically beautiful.

The setting for this themed wedding is, of course, a garden!

If you can’t get a wonderful garden venue, you can create one yourself.

Bring in lots of live blooms; create an aisle with grass.

Colors are perfect for this theme, and soft elements like wicker and lace are perfect as well.

The idea of using vintage style tea cups filled with flowers as wedding favors is a great idea for this theme.

You can collect tea cups from certain stores and  drop them off at your florist or make it a fun project for yourself.

They  look fantastic when paired with the simple yet elegant  escort cards.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme

Have you always dreamed of a white wedding? Your theme is very simple to choose, and it will look gorgeous.

Your theme consists of white furniture, and sparkly white table clothes. White fairy lights make a beautiful and perfect decoration across the tables.

White roses mixed with Wintry berries and leaves are beautiful centerpieces for the tables.

Snowflakes can also be perfect for everything, from invitations to favors, and make beautiful table decorations, and a big white glittery cake is a must.

The bride will look fantastic in a white dress with a velvet throw over, and don’t be forget to add natural winter items like pine cones as well .

all white winter wonderland wedding

all white winter wonderland wedding

Visit the Touch of Class Bridal Alterations website for more information and inspiration.

It’s the first step to make your wedding dress perfect!

alterations wedding dress bridal gown seamstress phoenix az

Touch Of Class Alterations In Phoenix AZ Offers Free Bridal Fittings & Quotes

Mari Is A Local Phoenix Wedding Dress Designer & Seamstress -
Call Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations For All Of Your Bridal Alterations Needs -For A Free Bridal Fitting Today CALL 480-776-7964
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About the Author

Touch of Class Bridal Alterations is located in Phoenix AZ Mari has 26 years of experience in bridal fashion and custom wedding dress design.

Book a free bridal fitting today. Call 480-776-7964 or 623-433-8342 if busy.

sweetheart beaded bridesmaid dress

Sweetheart beaded bridesmaid dress

Make Fair Choices When Choosing Your Bride Maids Dresses

Dress your bridesmaids in something that is fashionable, they will definitely know that they have a Good Friend.

Do not dress your friends in something ugly so that you will look better than them on your special day.

Try not to choose bridesmaid dresses that make your maids look heavy and unappealing.

Take your time and make sure that the bridesmaid dresses complement your wedding gown.

You will know when you have came across the right dress and all you have to do is find the right feel .

Find a style that haves the same feel as your dress but doesn’t look too much alike.

You definitely don’t want your bridesmaids looking to similar to yourself.

Add Some Color To Your Brides Maid Dresses

Consider choosing a color or a fabric and then letting each maid pick a style that will suit her, mix the look up the correct way.

It wouldn’t be fair to cram a tall voluptuous  bridesmaid into the exact same style as a petite, skinny girl.

Seek a style that compliments the different sizes and shapes of your bridesmaids.

Don’t ask your friends to purchase a bridesmaid dress they wouldn’t ever wear again.

Consider the thought of what your brides maids could do with the dresses after the wedding make sure that the dress is reusable.

everyone has different financial situations. A price range for bridesmaid dresses is generally $100-300.

If you fall madly in love with a dress that compliments your wedding dress, but is a bit over their price range, consider covering the difference yourself.

Blue Brides Maids Dress

Blue Brides Maids Dress

Offer your bridesmaids to go dress shopping with you.

If you have more than five brides maids with you don’t bring them because  it will be difficult to formulate your own opinion.

Make a list of each name, about what kind of dress you think would look great  on her and how much you think is a decent price to ask her to pay for a dress.

Certain dresses that contain dark colors like navy, hunter green, and black look beautiful on every brides maid and can also be worn to formal events on later occasions.

When you choose a dress make sure that its a dress that you are comfortable in.

Strapless dresses or bridesmaid gowns that don’t provides bras, ask your bridal party if they would agree on such a style before you decide.

Don’t  try to do everything on your own, it will just make things more complicated.

Assign your maid of honor the job of being highly responsible for the bridesmaid gown purchases.

Simple and elegant designs make everyone happy. Don’t go over board with lots of details, flourishes , and accessories.

Visit the Touch of Class Bridal Alterations website for more information and inspiration.

It’s the first step to make your wedding dress perfect!

alterations wedding dress bridal gown seamstress phoenix az

Touch Of Class Alterations In Phoenix AZ Offers Free Bridal Fittings & Quotes

Mari Is A Local Phoenix Wedding Dress Designer & Seamstress -
Call Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations For All Of Your Bridal Alterations Needs -For A Free Bridal Fitting Today CALL 480-776-7964
Visit Mari Seamstress & Designer at Touch Of Class Bridal Alterations Online At Her Website :)
Touch Of Class Bridal Alterations


About the Author

Touch of Class Bridal Alterations is located in Phoenix AZ Mari has 26 years of experience in bridal fashion and custom wedding dress design.

Book a free bridal fitting today. Call 480-776-7964 or 623-433-8342 if busy.

What Is The Cost To Add A Bustle To A Wedding Dress?

bustle a wedding dress or gown with bridal alterations in phoenix

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations Can Create A Perfect French Bustle From Only $10 Per Bustle Point :)

Question:   How much does it cost to add a bustle to a wedding dress or wedding gown?

Answer:  Many local bridal shops and wedding dress stores charge as much as $25 per bustle point to alter a wedding dress.

Adding a French bustle is usually the most utilized option by brides that want to secure their wedding dress train for the wedding reception.

A French bustle is a “under bustle” where the train of the dress is secured and fastened underneath the wedding dress using many different ribbon ties.

The ribbons used should be strong and there should be enough ribbons or “points” across the wedding dress train to properly hold the gown from different directions.

In order to create a strong, French under bustle, an expert seamstress or wedding dress designer should be sought for a professional bridal fitting. Many wedding dresses look much better with at least 5 bustle points to create a professional and elegant pickup pattern on the wedding dress train.

An “over bustle” design requires buttons that lift the wedding dress train and secure it to to the back of the wedding gown with clear buttons or with metal hooks and eyes.

Many brides accept the recommendation of the wedding dress store or tailor that is handling their bridal alterations, only to discover that they do not like the final look of an “over bustle”. This is almost always due to buttons being sewn outside and all over the train of their wedding dress.

Many brides are told to try using hooks and eyes instead of the buttons that are so visible on the outside of their wedding dress train. But again, metal hooks and eyes can actually rip a wedding dress and Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations recommends not using them.

They can also damage a wedding dress if it is being stored as an heirloom dress, over time, since metal can rust and degrade with oxidation leaving marks on the fabric surrounding the hooks.

Modern brides usually opt for adding a French “under bustle” to their wedding wedding dress, once they actually visit a seamstress that gives them ALL their options.

to bustle a wedding dress is easier with a phoenix seamstress to help

Adding A Bustle To A Wedding Dress Is Easy With A Professional Wedding Dress Seamstress At Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations. Add A Bustle To A Wedding Dress For Only $10 Per Point!

A talented seamstress will always show a bride exactly “how” an under bustle looks compared to an over bustle.

One reason many tailors and bridal shops still recommend using metal hooks, is due to it’s less complex nature…

It certainly is easier to attach hooks than turn a wedding dress inside out… and then sew multiple bustle points inside with ribbons, which requires an industrial sewing machine for tight bustle points.

When it comes to adding a bustle to wedding dress, each wedding dress requires a different type of bustle.

Most phoenix bridal shops and phoenix wedding dress stores charge ‘by the point’ for adding a ‘under’ or ‘over bustle’ to a wedding dress.

In fact, many busy phoenix bridal stores and boutiques / bridal salons charge a fitting fee of $20 just for a bride to come in to assess her wedding dress at a bridal fitting in phoenix.

When adding a bustle to determine which bustle style (under or over bustle) should be incorporated into the wedding gown, and how many points are necessary to properly hold the gown, it is best to consult with an extremely experienced phoenix seamstress.

Many fuller silhouette wedding dresses require anywhere from 6-12 bustle points depending on the amount of pickups, applications and lace on the wedding dress.

Some wedding dress stores in phoenix charge a flat fee (around $100 – $200) for a French bustle, but only if a bride purchases the wedding dress in store, and also has additional bridal alterations done there.

Brides that are looking for a high quality wedding dress bustle and alterations should consider the experience level and communication skills of the seamstress they interview.

A talented seamstress will be patient and take the time to show a bride the different bustle styles and how they will look on her wedding dress.

Ultimately, it is the brides decision to choose whether to have a over bustle where buttons can been seen visible on the back side of the wedding dress train, or to have the stronger more hidden French under bustle style.

When it comes to altering a wedding dress and adding a french bustle to the dress, Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations never recommends using any metal hooks.

Metal hooks are typically used by many tailors and bridal shops but they can easily rip a wedding dress, especially if the material is chiffon, lace or organza.

It is always a good idea to get at least 3 quotes before doing any bridal alterations, regardless of where a bride purchases her wedding gown.

A simple visit to an independent seamstress and wedding dress designer can often offer more perspective and much lower prices compared to a national bridal retail store like david’s bridal, for example.

add a bustle to wedding dresses for less with touch of class alterations

Busy Brides Can Add A French Bustle To Their Wedding Dress For Less ($10 Per Point) With Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations - Call For A Free Fitting Today At 480-776-7964

Touch of Class Bridal & alterations offers custom wedding dress alterations and can add a French bustle from just $10 per point with no fitting fees.

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations also offers further discounts on altering a wedding dress hem, sweetheart necklines, taking in the bodice (waistline) installing cups, resizing a wedding dress and adding custom beads, lace and applications.

Whether a bride needs to alter the wedding dress hem, change the bust line, shorten a hem, or add a bustle , its always a good idea to make sure you’re totally comfortable with the seamstress you will be working with..

And most importantly, it is important a bride is comfortable with the price of wedding dress alterations including adding a wedding dress French bustle , adding sleeves, adding a wedding dress corset or changing the hem length of a dress.

The price of these wedding dress alterations depend on the wedding dress, and where the alterations are performed. Again, many brides are quoted up to $200 to simply add a French bustle to their expensive wedding gown at a popular wedding dress store, bridal shop or boutique.

The fact is, an independent designer and seamstress can usually create a professionally designed French bustle for as little as $50-$90

It pays to do a little comparison shopping when considering wedding dress alterations before your upcoming phoenix wedding.

We would like to think that most brides already know to comparison shop when it comes to getting the final wedding dress alterations done before their phoenix wedding.

But the reality is most brides are so busy that they overlook the costs of adding a bustle to a wedding dress.

In fact, many brides are caught off guard by the high cost of adding a corset to a wedding dress, adding a sweetheart neckline or even just taking in the size (resizing ) a wedding dress.

Again, the simple answer is to get more than one quote for bridal alterations and always make sure you actually like the seamstress you are working with.

A bride should also like the prices for her bridal alterations.  For more information on how a professional independent wedding dress designer and seamstress can help you with adding a French bustle to a wedding dress, please visit the Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations website.

Mari Is A Phoenix Seamstress & Wedding Dress Designer

Mari Is A Phoenix Seamstress & Wedding Dress Designer

Use the online calendar scheduler to set up a free wedding dress consultation and free fitting.

See exactly how adding a bustle to a wedding dress can enhance comfort during the wedding reception.

Bustle A Wedding Dress Phoenix

select a wedding dress seamstress that is professional and cares

Finding A Professional & Patient Seamstress Is AS Important As Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

Finding the picture perfect wedding gown or wedding dress is often more challenging than a bride-to-be expects or is prepared for.

Choosing a wedding dress is an important part of each brides special day, as the dress reflects each brides personality and style.

The wedding dress also compliments the wedding theme, wedding venue and the season for each brides special day.

With this in mind, finding the perfect wedding dress is both exciting and nerve wracking, for many brides…

Especially with so many considerations to be made…

One of the most important considerations in attaining the picture perfect wedding dress, is finding the right seamstress…

Getting the bridal alterations  done right the first time around, can ultimately take an ordinary dress and make it extraordinary…

With this in mind, proper alterations to the wedding dress, ensures that the wedding gown truly inspires a bride and her guests.

While shopping for the perfect wedding dress can be exciting, conversely, many brides encounter difficulty in finding the perfect seamstress…

Once they’ve narrowed their selection down to a few wedding gown styles or purchased a wedding dress, the next step is to verify WHO will be working on the dress and how much the wedding dress alterations will cost.

Whether a bride selects an A Line, Mermaid, Trumpet, Fit and Flare or a more traditional gown, the challenge boils down to making sure the wedding gown alterations are done professionally and on time.

Each bride must also make sure her dress fits properly and is comfortable for her body type and shape…

Each wedding dress silhouette poses a different set of alterations requirements for each brides body type. Brides do have intuition and know how their dress feels once it is on. Many times after principal alterations have been completed, a bride may still “feel” that her dress is too loose, or the hem is too long.

This is not uncommon, and while many busy bridal shops will remedy a brides concerns, others simply do not have the time or inclination to revisit a dress. In fact, many stores will offer a bride “supportive observations”, basically directing a bride away from doing more alterations and adjustments…

If a bride presses on, with valid concerns with the fit of her wedding gown after the alterations have been done, some bridal stores indicate that “additional alterations fees” would be necessary to continue to change the dress.

Many stores also schedule alterations and bridal fittings too close to the wedding date. This quite often leaves too little time left to do multiple fittings and adjustments for what many stores call “picky brides” that want “the perfect fit” The end result is a percentage of brides that feel they received lesser service.

This is where having a patient & highly skilled seamstress can make all the difference.

First, an independent seamstress can often offer both better prices (up to 50% less than bridal stores in phoenix)… Second, an independent wedding dress designer & Seamstress almost always offers more personalized service… This is because a seamstress may only have 20-30 brides to assist each week, whereas a store may have over 100 brides to keep up with.

The fact is, many brides report in online reviews receiving slower store service, bad alterations and high bridal alterations prices… It is also a fact that most stores make a higher profit margin on wedding dress alterations and wedding accessories. Many brides are caught off guard by the high cost of alterations, as this usually occurs after they purchase an expensive gown. To be fair, for the many negative online review, there are others that are positive… but the thought of any store with multiple negative reviews raises valid concerns. A bride being treated poorly and crying in the store is not a good scenario.

For this reason, brides should be patient and careful when selecting a wedding gown store. Most importantly brides should know the cost of wedding dress alterations before they purchase their gown and how many fittings they are guaranteed to make their dress right…

A phoenix seamstess can offer better prices on the cost of wedding dress alterations

A Professional Independent Wedding Dress Designer & Seamstress Can Offer Lower Pricing On Bridal Alterations For Your Wedding Gown Or Wedding Dress - Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations - Better Service & Lower Cost Wedding Dress Alterations

Yet strangely, many brides end up purchasing their gown at an expensive bridal boutique without knowing how they will be treated during the alterations process…

As a result, despite succumbing to pressure to purchase a higher price wedding dress, many brides end up with sticker shock at the extremely high price of bridal alterations at some local bridal shops and wedding dress stores in phoenix… (we’re not mentioning any names) .

Add to this scenario the fact that many brides report wearing a dress on their wedding day that they were not completely happy with… and you have a recipe for disaster… that needs to be addressed in the industry…

Regardless of whether it doesn’t happen to every bride…, it shouldn’t happen to any bride…ever. Period.

Here then, are some tips to avoid the common mistakes brides make when shopping for the perfect wedding dress.

Actual online reviews from brides can help brides avoid common pitfalls by asking the right questions…

In addition, knowing what to look out for… when purchasing a wedding dress…. and before agreeing to do the wedding dress alterations at an expensive wedding store, bridal shop or boutique is extremely important…

1.       Keep The Cost Of Bridal Alterations In Mind.

Selecting A Wedding Dress With Patience … Means finding the right seamstress for the job.

If you think about it, a seamstress is more qualified to help a bride with trying on a wedding dress and making suggestions as to fit, appearance etc. in the first place. This is because a seamstress knows bridal fabrics and works with altering or creating different wedding dress styles and lines everyday.

A patient seamstress is a good listener, and will always put the total comfort and satisfaction of a bride first. A professional seamstress will listen attentively to ascertain how a bride feels in her wedding dress, first before any alterations are done at the bridal fitting.

By keeping each brides wedding dress fit, style and theme at the top of the priority list, an independent seamstress can guarantee that each bride receives the result they want, in plenty of time before the wedding, and at a price that is affordable and agreeable.

The last thing any busy bride-to-be needs… is hidden “surprise costs” and “unexpected problems ” with how the wedding dress alterations turn outespecially right before the wedding…

Therefore, brides should make sure to ask important questions to determine how patient the seamstress or bridal store is with their bridal alterations customers. Brides should find out how much time for fittings is guaranteed to be provided for adjustments and who will be doing the alterations on their wedding dress. Brides should also inquire about the general pricing for doing a hem, multiple point bustle, bodice sizing (taking in sides) bead work and making a custom veil.

A seamstress that is truly experienced and knowledgeable can often provide brides with the kind of patient demeanor and attentiveness that helps them to sort out their thoughts when looking in the mirror at the wedding dress fitting.

A seamstress should have a patient and positive attitude, offering helpful suggestions and showing each bride different ideas and solutions to each concern or question raised. A bride should never feel rushed during a bridal fitting. If a bride does encounter feeling rushed during a fitting, being “steered” in one direction or being told “not to do” one alteration or another because there “isn’t time” or the alteration is “too costly”… It’s time to get a second opinion!

A seamstress should offer service with a smile, helping each bride through the fitting process and making sure they are completely comfortable.

This requires professionalism and proper time management and scheduling. Basically, a seamstress should schedule each bride to receive sufficient time for questions and total satisfaction at each fitting. Fittings should never be overbooked, as in many busy national bridal shops and wedding dress stores. Brides should never feel like a number, and more importantly a bride to be should never, ever purchase a dress for thousands of dollars, only to not wear it and purchase another dress before the wedding. This scenario is also quite common and is often the result of a bride being talked into a wedding dress they were never sure about.

Wedding gown alterations and tailoring in phoenix az

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations Offers Free Bridal Fittings & Consultation From A Seamstress With 25 Years Experience - Read maris 100% Positive Reviews On Wedding Wire, The Knot, Merchant Circle & Google Places under "Touch Of Class Alterations".

Again, patience, starting early and asking about the cost of alterations can help each bride avoid paying too much for the wedding dress…. and paying too much for alterations.

No bride should ever end up receiving less than stellar service after making an expensive wedding dress purchase… Every bridal fitting for alterations to the wedding dress should be fun filled, shared with mom of bride and friends…. and trouble-free…. Unfortunately, not every bridal store can guarantee that… only some brids are lucky and get the perfect fit and perfect service…

So ask questions about the cost of bridal alterations before purchasing any wedding gown or wedding dress. Ask to meet the seamstress that you will be working with… Are they pleasant and patient?

It’s worth mentioning that WHO a bride selects as their SEAMSTRESS is just as important as WHAT wedding dress or gown they choose. So searching for the perfect wedding dress in reality means searching for the perfect seamstress.

The fact is, 95% of all brides require alterations to ensure their wedding gown or wedding dress truly fits and flatters to their satisfaction. Finding the picture perfect wedding dress and a great seamstress is a major challenge because one store may have what looks like the perfect dress… yet have tons of negative reviews online when it comes to their alterations department…

This is the main area where patience on a brides part is required. Do your due diligence and at least visit one independent seamstress before having alterations done to your wedding dress at an expensive bridal boutique. Also, read online reviews of independent seamstresses and bridal shops alike, to determine WHO truly offers patient service, better personalized attention and LOWER PRICES…

With careful research both via the internet and in stores by asking the right questions about alterations costs, a bride can find an experienced seamstress or alterations dept. that truly shines and ensures EVERY bride is happy.

Remember the bride (customer) is always right and deserves to look and feel spectacular in her wedding dress on her special day… With patience, a bride can find the right seamstress for the job…

2. Keep Your Options Open

You’ve tried on what seems like an endless array of wedding dresses, in half a dozen local phoenix bridal stores and wedding stores. Your feet are tired and you’ve likely lost weight in the process!

Your head is aching from the glare of your LCD computer screen after surfing through countless online bridal stores and retailers… Now that you have decided on a wedding dress style or silhouette (shape) it’s time to start comparing prices. But what about making sure that you include the cost of alterations in your price comparisons both online and offline? What about a reasonable evaluation of the level of service you can reasonably trust to receive at each bridal store, department store, boutique or independent seamstress? Have you decided to compare ALL of your options including visiting an independent seamstress, and not just expensive boutiques and bridal shops?

Most brides are surprised once they encounter the high cost of wedding dress alterations at many bridal shops, wedding dress stores and tailors. Even department stores often have high prices on altering a wedding dress or gown. What to do? Well, for starters how about comparing each of the above stores with an independent seamstress prices? A savvy bride will also read online reviews for multiple stores in regard to their alterations department and level of service excellence, AFTER a wedding dress purchase is made…

Based on each option, which stores can a bride expect to receive the highest caliber of service at? Which store or seamstress offer competitive prices both on the wedding dress and the alterations…? Alterations will undoubtedly be required…

What additional cost may a bride encounter once the wedding dress is purchased and alterations are started? Will the seamstress meet the bride before the sale is made to show the bride options for her dress as well as general pricing? Will the bridal fitting be patient, fun and with ample time to ensure even a picky or conscientious bride will be totally satisfied with the result of the alterations done to her dress?

Wedding dress stores are more expensive for bridal alterations

Remember Most Wedding Dress Stores & Bridal Shops Make More On Wedding Dress Alterations & Accessories - Visiting An Independent Designer For Bridal Alterations, Veils, Custom Gowns Equals More Options & More Opportunities To Save...

Only a seamstress with many years of experience in providing bridal fittings and performing highly skilled wedding dress alterations and restyling can help each bride to identify their preferences and discover the perfect bustle or fit for their dress in the bust, hips, waist and hem length.

Again, each bride is different and will have unique ideas and preferences, and these choices should be heard and respected, while offering real solutions. This requires a seamstress of exceptional skill, and patience, that has earmarked sufficient time for a higher level of service for each and every bride….

There are a myriad of possibilities when customizing a wedding gown and finding the perfect balance of options, fit and style requires a seamstress with both experience and patience. Simply put, a seamstress must have the time and patience to perform even major dress restyles and alterations.

3. Keep The Wedding Dress Shape In Mind

Knowing your figure will help make the most of finding that perfect dress with your seamstress. And while guidelines exist for you to follow, no one should choose what you want except you. The following are suggestions and are not to be taken as rigid rules; every bride is different.

Hourglass shape: a slim waist with a balanced bust and hips. If you are fortunate to have this shape, you have many options, but Mermaid style dresses (sheath gown to the knees, with a flare out), pure sheath, or gowns with horizontal seams and styles, (Ball Gown for example), all take advantage of your flowing curves.

Pear shape: an attractive upper body with a more pronounced bottom. The key here is to emphasize your face, neck, shoulders and bust. Gowns for this shape let your top do the talking and let your most attractive features shine.  A-line and empire styles are good choices, while off-shoulder or strapless necklines help lend prominence to the upper half of your body. Fishtail designs and Mermaid style dresses can also work incredibly well.

Apple shape: a truncal upper body with narrow lower parts, almost the opposite of the pear shape. So if you’re bigger in the middle, an A-line or an empire can easily disguise or hide your stomach.  Also possible are sheer waistlines, or princess-cut can give you a sexier look but can conceal as well.

Busty shape: Just as it sounds, dresses here help craft a more flowing silhouette and can use halter necklines, which narrows your shoulders while making you bust look smaller. V-neck and wrap neck are choices to consider as well. And unless you want to push your bust out even more (which you can certainly choose to do!), you’ll want to skip sweetheart or strapless necklines. A talented and experienced seamstress can accentuate and customize any style to take advantage of the dress that will be perfect for what you want for your day.

4. Keep Wedding Accessories Options In Mind

Veils, tiaras, jewelry, flowers and gloves; they all exist to complement the gown. The most beautiful gown in the world will be missing something without the right accessories.

Too much can look gaudy. Too little, and it can appear plain or as if you look like you are not whole. If it doesn’t complement the style and silhouette, even the venue or time of year, you’ll lose out on that perfect gown.

An experienced independent seamstress can often offer custom wedding dress accessories for hundreds less than busy bridal shops and wedding accessory stores. For example, custom wedding veils at Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations start at just $80-$120 and are often more decorative and stylized than veils costing over $200 in expensive bridal boutiques. Swarovski crystals, bugle beads, sequins and more can be added to veils and tiaras for an elegant look.

Again, details are everything. Tiaras, for example, have grown more popular, but there are hundreds of styles. Even wearing them at the wrong angle can affect your look. And choosing the right jewelry is an art all its own, while gloves and flowers require a deft, subtle touch. Complementing the perfect dress is a rewarding challenge, and a professional seamstresses can help a bride choose wedding dress accessories that are both affordable and easier on the budget… An experienced independent seamstress and designer can also help a bride with custom bolero jackets, sashes, gloves, crinoline slips, and veils that provide timeless elegance so every bride feels beautiful and  every inch the princess on her special day.

5. Knowledge Is Power.

A bride that keeps all of her options open by visiting and comparing an independent seamstress for a custom wedding dress or even just saving on the bridal alterations is armed with more knowledge and better choices.

By receiving more perspective from an independent seamstress outside of a busy bridal shop or wedding dress store, many brides ALSO discover they can receive better service and lower prices… way lower in fact… Just look at the online reviews below of some expensive bridal stores where service was second to sales…

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations Offers Free Bridal Fittings

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations Offers Free Bridal Fittings

Before having your alterations done at ANY busy bridal boutique or bridal shop / wedding store why not get a free bridal fitting with an independent designer and seamstress?

This allows a bride to take more time and to ask all the questions that should be asked when altering a wedding dress… It also affords a bride the often rare opportunity to slow down and make better decisions when deciding on which alterations should be done and at what price?

An independent designer and seamstress can also show a bride many different options for adding customization to their wedding dress, like sweetheart necklines, french bustle points, adding a corset and adding applications or adjusting the hem or train length…

A seamstress with at least 25 years experience is often required to perform more intricate and more elaborate wedding dress alterations and complete dress restyling. Only with knowledge, experience and patience can a seamstress truly help a bride get the look and fit they deserve. Let Touch Of Class Alterations create and design the gown you’ve always dreamed of, or provide professional bridal alterations to make your wedding dress picture perfect…

Is there anything more important than choosing the right seamstress?

Actual Wedding Wire Reviews From Busy Bridal Stores Below:

Here are some actual reviews from brides that didn’t get the service they deserved. I know it’s not always accurate to judge any store by just one bad review… but a great store should have very few or NO bad reviews at all… These wedding wire reviews are from actual brides that spent MORE on the dress to get better service…. Yet even though they had their alterations done at an expensive bridal shop or wedding store… they didn’t get the results they wanted. Therefore this information IS relevant to help brides avoid these EXACT same scenarios from happening to them…

“I’d recommend having your alterations done elsewhere, no matter which dress you go with.  I had a terrible experience with the bridal shop that did mine, and I’ve known so many other people who did, if you can find a seamstress on your own, go that route!…” (review from actual bride)

“I have huge horror stories when it comes to  _____… I don’t know where to begin. I would not recommend this place by any means. Lets just say..I didn’t even wear the $2,700 gown that I purchased… So, if you’re interested in a beautiful gown, I have one you can buy! …never worn. (they have a no return/exchange policy…under no circumstances..even death…” (actual bride review of boutique)

“…Please don’t go to _____…. They lied about random discounts to get you to put a deposit that day… “Oh, what a surprise, that dress is on sale today;” and they’re never consistent… they changed their “taking-picture” policies like ten times…  I honestly was mortified with their customer service. The dresses are beautiful… but I want the dress shopping experience to be happy and fun… not another horrible sales tactic …

” My dress was not made correctly and I had to pay to have it fixed (extra loops on the corset back because they did not got down far enough) I spent $400 in alterations to get a sewing machine hem (that was not straight) and bustle that did not hold up at my wedding reception for more than 15 minutes… “We had to use safety pins:( big disappointment to be worried about my wedding dress the whole day after i spent that much money…”

Bridal Alterations for less in phoenix

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations Offer Custom Wedding Gowns & Alterations For 50% Less Than Many High Overhead Wedding Dress Stores & Boutiques

When they ordered my dress, they said I should get a size 8… I said ok… When the dress came I tried it on, it was so huge that it kept falling off of me… It wasn’t even close to fitting right. I accepted this because brides always hear that it’s better to have the dress be too big than too small… Let me rephrase that, I accepted this… until I found that I would be paying $570 in alterations after already spending over 2k on the dress...”

It was supposed to be ready for pickup at 10am the day before the wedding. When I arrived at noon, my dress was not only not THERE to be picked up… but it had not even been FINISHED…”

“It hadn’t even been touched since the last time I had been there, and my wedding was THE NEXT DAY… The store mgr said it “wasn’t a big deal” (at that point I started crying) and that they would have it done for me later that day…

What I didn’t understand is WHY didn’t I receive a phone call? Why do they allow this to happen to brides ever?  I already was SLAMMED with appointments (nails, hair, etc..) There was no way I could get back later to pick it up…”Luckily, one of my bridesmaids was due to pick up her dress later that day, and she was able to get my dress at that time….

Unfortunately, I did not try my dress on a final time until the day of my wedding… “

“Since the final touches were so slight, and I knew my dress fit well.. I didnt think anything could be wrong with it… I was just happy to have it. When I put it on… the cups were sewn up too high. So high up, that I couldn’t even pull my breast INTO THE CUPS!

Because of this, my dress fit very uncomfortable and looked very weird.

By the end of the day…. the claps behind the bodice kept coming undone and people had to keep hooking (fixing) my dress for me throughout the evening…” …

“Oh yeah…. lets talk about my bustle. After an hour of having my bustle up, it broke… Not during dancing, mind you.. but during our photo session after the ceremony. My sister had safety pins and had to keep pinning it up in random places because it actually had 4 different bustles to hold it up.

At my actual reception it had fallen so many times that I kept stepping on it and other people stepped on it and PIECES of my dress RIPPED off… It was actually comical because people were wrapping the pieces around their necks like scarves or around their waists like sashes… “And finally.. the beads… I noticed loose threads when I got my dress before the wedding. It bothered me but I am kinda low key… so I figured it was such a small thing no one would notice. The closer I looked, however.. I noticed that beads and crystals were missing everywhere. ”

french bustle points only $10 at touch of class alterations phoenix

French Bustle Points Are Only $10 Each At Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations In Phoenix

“My bridesmaids complained about the service there. My friends I referred to  _____  also complained about the service. I am sorry to have referred them. You would think that for the money you pay you would have a better experience and more of a quality dress. Save your money and go elsewhere…”

“…________ had some bad online reviews when it came to alterations. But I went there anyway…. My thinking was – you only really hear about the bad reviews as opposed to the good reviews right???

And, if there was any issue with alterations, the salon could resolve the issue and get me a new dress if need be, right? Wrong.  I didn’t want to take the chance and go some where else and not have the salon liable.  Since I was having some more complex alterations, I stuck with them and paid too much for terrible service. Price – I had heard alterations were pricey at  ______.  And, yes.  They were. 

Alterations were almost half the cost of my dress! I almost died! But at that point… when it’s so close to the wedding, you don’t care. I just decided to drink a Bloody Mary afterwards and not worry about it…”

And finally, “….My one complaint about my dress alterations was that the seamstress didn’t want to take in my dress as much as I wanted…  And for me that was unnerving.  I know me.  I am a realistic individual and had NO intention of looking like I had been stuffed in my dress and had it sewed on the day of….” I just knew the longer I wore my dress, the looser it became, so I wanted the seamstress to take it in to account for that.  Understandably, she was worried that I would pop a seam.  But as I suspected, on my wedding day, I found my dress to be looser and less form fitting, than I wanted.

Ultimately, I wasn’t entirely happy with the overall alterations.  I wanted my dress to fit and feel better than it did. The bustle didn’t look right and came loose before the reception…. ” ” … A lace up corset back would have made the dress fit perfect… but they couldn’t add a corset in time for my wedding…” Plus they wanted $280 to add a corset…

Touch Of Class bridal & alterations seamstress in phoenix az

Mari Is A Professional Wedding Dress Designer & Seamstress In Phoenix Offering Phoenix Brides Real Support, Consultation & Free Bridal Fittings - Come In For A Free Bridal Fitting & Expert Perspective & Assistance :)

Again, the above online reviews, are real experiences that may not happen to every bride… but these scenarios DO occur. We hear many of the same alterations horror stories from brides that come to Touch Of Class Bridal & Mari for help… this is always after experiencing an alterations nightmare that no bride should endure before her special day…

Alterations disasters, wedding gowns arriving late, incorrect hems, sides of the wedding dress being “taken in” way too far… and then the extra fabric being CUT away by an inexperienced seamstress from inside the wedding dress…. in this case the dress cannot be “let out” after a mistake is made… Or the opposite scenario is where many brides find seamstresses that are unwilling or unable to make their dress “fit right” because they are told to leave the dress looser to prevent mistakes.

Many brides are left wearing a dress that is either too tight or too loose on their wedding day. The end result is a wedding gown that does not fit and flatter in the wedding photos that document the disaster for a lifetime! Ouch…

Other brides end up buying more than one wedding dress out of frustration… There’s plenty of brides that will attest to buying more than one dress…

It simply is not fair to busy brides-to-be to go through such ordeals when they can be completely avoided altogether in the first place with a talented seamstress… By interviewing the independent, bridal shop and wedding store seamstress before agreeing to purchase a wedding dress, a bride can find out just how patient and experienced they are. Getting the real truth on the cost of alterations first, is another prerequisite for brides on a budget  :)

Don’t simply trust your wedding gown alterations to any store or anyone without doing careful research into their commitment to service and protocol to prevent alterations errors and scheduling mistakes….

OK… we’ve seen what can happen when a bride does not do enough research into the service of any bridal shop or store…We’ve  identified how each bride should be completely comfortable with the seamstress that will be working on her wedding dress…

We’ve also covered getting up front pricing on the cost of alterations for each bride and her wedding dress or gown…

Now Let’s Look At Some Positive Reviews:

Touch Of Class Phoenix Bridal & Alterations on Wedding Wire

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations On Google

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations On Merchant Circle

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations

P.S. Visit many stores and entertain all options, but don’t forget to consider a custom wedding dress or gown and or wedding alterations & bridal alterations from an independent designer and seamstress!

Mari :)

Affordable Bridal Party Alterations Phoenix - Touch Of Class Bridal Alterations

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations Offers Affordable Wedding Party Alterations & Free Dress Consultation For Your Phoenix Area Wedding :)

Many brides imagine shopping for and choosing the perfect wedding gown will probably be the toughest, most difficult aspect of planning their wedding ceremony.

Certainly, finding the picture perfect wedding dress / gown involves careful wedding planning… A bride must find the right silhouette for her shape, stay within budget on her wedding gown, and find an expert seamstress or designer to ensure the picture perfect dress not just fits… but flatters.

But this is only the beginning and certainly just one component of the myriad of responsibilities most brides tackle with or without the help of a wedding planner. Most brides quickly enlist the help of family members, siblings, friends and mothers to begin the journey toward realizing their ultimate wedding day dream…

With this in mind, a bride quickly discovers she will be planning more than her own wedding dress and wedding theme related items such as flowers, invitations and cake…

Saving during the phoenix wedding planning process

Save On Your Wedding With Affordable Bridal Alterations For Your Entire Bridal Party & Laugh All The Way To Your Wedding!

As if the above were not enough, a bride must also help with selecting the formal wear and attire for the rest of the wedding party.

Of course, your Groom, Mother of Bride, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen will have input and ideas to share, but ultimately it is the brides vision, usually in coordination with a wedding planner, trusted family member or friend… to make an informed decision on the wedding party attire.

And of course, the decision each bride makes must satisfy both the bride and her bridesmaids! With this kind of pressure it is no wonder why many brides feel overwhelmed during the wedding planning process. What is peculiar is the fact that many brides never enlist the help of the one person that truly can help brides, their bridesmaids and their entire wedding party including the groom and groomsmen…

Once a color theme has been selected an independent wedding dress designer or professional seamstress, can help with coordinating custom wedding party attire, or even just perform the necessary wedding party alterations for the entire bridal party.

While selecting the right formal wear and tuxes for the gentlemen may certainly be easier than keeping the mom of bride, maid of honor and bridesmaids happy, the fact is an expert seamstress and designer can take whatever wedding party attire a bride selects …and make everyone look their best…

Especially when a tux or bridesmaid dress is expertly fitted… then and only then does it both truly fit and flatter.

Bridal Party Alterations Need Not Be Expensive

Bridal Party Alterations Need Not Be Expensive - Brides Can Help Their Bridesmaid Save On Their Bridesmaid Dress Alterations Or Even Design Custom Bridesmaid Dresses With Free Alterations!

Many grooms and their groomsmen are surprised when asked for their opinion on how much more comfortable they felt after a professional fitting, even if they thought their attire fit “pretty well”

Likewise, many brides that bring their bridesmaids into a busy bridal shop are reluctant to do what they feel may be unnecessary alterations to their bridesmaid attire, simply due the exorbitant prices they’re faced with in front of sales staff in an expensive Phoenix or Scottsdale Bridal Shop or wedding store.

Most bridesmaids and groomsmen are totally fine with purchasing their wedding attire… its when the sticker shock sets in…after the high cost of professional tailoring at a tailor, wedding store, or bridal shop is presented that many bridesmaids and groomsmen start voicing their opinion that their wedding attire really fits good enough…

Obviously, this reluctance is simply based on a comfort zone issue. Everyone has a comfort zone as far as how much time and money they can put into being part of a wedding.

It’s simple, if more bridesmaids and groomsmen knew they could save up to 70% on their formal wear and wedding alterations needs, they certainly would get a professional fitting from an independent phoenix seamstressand thus they would find the necessary alterations to look and feel their best at every wedding for less…

How many brides, video-graphers, photographers and guests have witnessed a bride, bridesmaid or groomsman that was periodically “pulling” and tugging their garments, pants etc…?

In fact , many brides that have alterations done at an expensive bridal shop… still are not happy with how well their wedding dress is fitting, at their final fitting…

But after being faced with the cost of additional adjustments or enhancements… along with the reassurance of friends, salespersons etc… they elect not to pursue the picture perfect, comfortable look , fit and feel they deserve…

Again, the entire wedding party should look and feel great in the wedding party attire a bride chooses… One of the most important ways to make your wedding party more comfortable is to SAVE them money on professional alterations, bridesmaid dresses, tuxes etc in the first place.

Many independent seamstresses do not charge a fitting fee for professional alterations, so a bride can bring her bridesmaids, groomsmen and mother of bride…. everyone actually  that is part of the wedding party can come in for a free consultation to get a quote on how much they can save on getting their attire to fit perfectly.

Many professional designers and independent seamstresses locally actually also guarantee their work…

This means if it takes a second fitting… the final adjustments can be made at no additional cost… Sleeves a little long in a tux… after the pants are hemmed? No problem. A bridesmaid loves how  her dress fits in the waist, hips and thighs but after the suggestion made by her seamstress, returns to have some cups added to the bustline to help her achieve the picture perfect, comfortable fit.

These scenarios and a multitude more occur every day at the business of a busy professional seamstress…

Save Your Entire Wedding Party On Alterations For Your Phoenix Wedding

Your Phoenix Wedding Planning Experience can Cost Less With Affordable Bridal Party Design & Alterations At Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations

What is most significant though is not that everyone can get the look and feel they will love… but how much less expensive the wedding party alterations can be when a bride looks into using an independent seamstress and designer to handle custom wedding alterations for her bridal party.

A seamstress can even make totally unique, one-of-kind bridesmaid dresses and do tuxedo alterations for a fraction of the cost of an expensive tailor shop. This is due to the fact that many seamstress work out ofg their own home office salons.

A professional seamstress will have professional industrial overlock and single needle sewing machines… she’ll have the 3 and 6 way mirrors, wall mirrors, pedestals and the same high quality service of a tailor shop or bridal store… but without the high overhead of a commercial location.

What is also evident from the dozens of reviews and online testimonials generously shared from Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations customers, is the fact that a bride and her entire bridal party can receive MORE personalized attention and in fact get better services.

Plus brides and the entire bridal party love lower prices… it’s better than purchasing their attire and wedding party alterations at a national bridal store or wedding boutique for 50% or more…

What really makes most members of the bridal party most comfortable is PRICE. What if a bride and her entire bridal party could get more individualized attention, better service and the perfect fit… at a price they were TOTALLY comfortable with??

Enter the opportunity to work with an independent seamstress in designer. An independent seamstress can certainly save a bride and her bridal party money… But in order for a real value to be seen an independent seamstress must have the experience, equipment and environment that also makes everyone comfortable.

Touch of Class Bridal & Alterations is located in N. Phoenix AZ and is operated from a 3200 square foot home bridal studio with comfortable amenities including TV waiting area, leather couches, full length mirrors and even champagne and group discounts for bridal parties of 5 or more…

Most brides absolutely love the ability to take their time at a bridal fitting… In addition, bridesmaids deserve to look and feel their best in their dress…at a price they are completely comfortable with, after purchasing their own dress.

This is the mission statement of Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations:   “Look Stunning For Less…In your Dress at Touch Of Class”

Wedding Party & Bridal Alterations Seamstress & Tailor in Phoenix

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations Offers Free Quotes & Free Bridal Fittings For All Of Your Wedding Party Needs- Bridesmaids - Groom & Groomsmen - Flowergirls - Mother Of Bride - Maid of Honor

With the above in mind, many brides will order their bridesmaid dresses months in advance from a bridal store.

Next they bring their bridesmaid, mom of bride and the maid of honor to Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations so that the bride and her bridesmaids are more comfortable, staying within budget and each bridesmaids personal comfort zone.

In addition, the groom and groomsmen may order their tuxes 4-6 months before the wedding date, but when they arrive, a simple consultation at an independent seamstress instead of an expensive tailor shop, can make all the difference in how much money the groom and the groomsmen save…

In fact, many grooms and their groomsmen discover they can purchase cool, custom cuff links or other original attire like socks, with the money they’ve saved from not paying the ridiculous prices many tailors charge…

When it comes to selecting the attire for the wedding party a bride can also benefit from speaking with a designer and seamstress. Here’s why:’

First, the bridesmaids can show the dress they like from a catalog or store and ask the seamstress for advice on shape and sizing questions… before they decide on which dress to order…

Of course, the bride will also benefit from listening to her bridesmaids while her seamstress is there to help the bride realize what she has envisioned for her wedding party attire.

Once, the selections for the bridesmaids independent style, silhouette and sizing have been addressed, the seamstress can either design the dresses custom or help with where to shop to get the best deals… After the dresses arrive, the seamstress will patiently assist each bridesmaid at either a group fitting or individual fittings for out of town bridesmaids…

Likewise, groomsmen and the groom can come in for first fittings and final fittings on their tuxes. Since there are no fitting fees, no rush fees and pricing that is up to 70% less than bridal stores and tailor shops in phoenix…. Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations’ customers are ensured they will save money on their alterations…

Therefore, it is important for brides to think outside the box when selecting attire for their bridal party. A bride that takes into consideration the comfort zone and budget of each and every person in her bridal party is more likely to feel more comfortable…. because her entire bridal party is also comfortable with the price, fit and quality of her wedding party selection… :)

How much flexibility should bridesmaids request when selecting  bridesmaid dresses?

Of course, every bride wants her bridesmaids to feel comfortable and truly like their bridesmaid dresses. Most brides begin by  determining the colour of the bridesmaid dresses, as well as different dress tyles for each bridesmaid…

But things can get tricky when a bride likes designer styles that may not fit a bridesmaids budget… In addition, although most bridesmaids will spring for the more expensive bridesmaid dress option… to please the bride… the fact remains that ALL bridesmaid dresses require professional alterations to properly fit and truly be comfortable…

It is a well known fact that many bridesmaid dresses arrive in the wrong size, or if the size is correct, they still feel a size or two too big or too small… Perhaps a bridesmaid dress is the perfect style, but it requires multiple alterations for a proper fit…

phoenix bride and groom alterations for less seamstress in phoenix

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations Offers Phoenix Bride & Groom Alterations For Less - No Fitting Fees - Up to 70% Off Wedding Party Alterations

For example, many bridesmaids encounter a bridesmaid dress that arrives and is too long in the hem length… Plus the dress is a little loose in the bust… a little loose in the hips and way too loose in the back…

In this case, when faced with over $250 for alterations at most bridal shops and tailors… many bridesmaids will start justifying doing only one or two alterations and “living” with the dress after the most important priority alterations are completed… So the hem is done… and the sides taken in a little…

But the bustline, hips and straps are still not quite right… With fitting fees, rush fees after the bridesmaid dresses arrive LATE… many bridesmaids are just happy to get the whole process over with so they can enjoy the wedding….

Or so they think! If a bride takes her time and affords her bridesmaids and groomsmen the opportunity to compare prices at an independent seamstress and designer, most of these scenarios can be avoided in the first place.

For example, in the case of a bridal gown or bridesmaid dress that requires more extensive alterations for an individuals body type… the necessary multiple alterations can be completed with no fitting fees, and 7 day turnaround with no rush fees for starters…

Next, many independent seamstresses and designers offer group discounts for bridesmaids and additional consideration for dresses that require multiple alterations… An independent seamstress can decide to give each bridesmaid special pricing on the hem, bustline alteration and all of the alterations on a garment simply because more is required… The discount is mainly given as a package deal to save each bridesmaid money with no fitting fees…

When a bride leaves her bridesmaids to deal with an alterations department at a busy bridal store or tailor, the results can often be less than satisfactory… of course most busy bridal boutiques mean well… but the fact remains that most wedding stores have more salespeople than they have seamstresses…

Also most stores make a HUGE profit margin on bridal accessories and bridal alterations while they make less profit on the wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses.

This is the main reason why a bride and her bridesmaids often learn too late… just before the wedding … just exactly how expensive bridal alterations and bridesmaid alterations can be…

Touch Of Class Alterations feels a bride and her bridal party should KNOW in advance what their alterations will cost…

Touch Of Class Alterations Phoenix AZ

Bride & Grooms Can Save For Their Honeymoon With Affordable Bridal Alterations & Wedding Party Alterations For Their Entire Bridal Party :)

An independent designer can help a bride select her wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses and ALSO give a price quote for what typical bridal and bridesmaid alterations will cost BEFORE they wedding attire is purchased.

With this in mind, an example is a bridal gown hem starting at just $60 at an independent seamstress, whereas a bridal shop or d_ bridal would cost $150 to $250 for the same wedding dress hem.

Likewise, a bridesmaid dress hem at an independent seamstress and designer could cost significantly less, at just $25 for bridesmaid dress hem compared to a bridal shop that charges $80- $100 for a bridesmaid dress hem…

And the list goes on… The fact is tuxedos, wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, mother of bride dresses, flower girl dresses…

ALL wedding attire and garments OFTEN require MULTIPLE adjustments and alterations to truly fit comfortably and look fantastic on each individual in a bridal party…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every person that is important to a bride could feel totally comfortable in their wedding attire? Again, according to Mari at Touch Of Class Alterations it all starts with an experienced professional that truly works hard for each person in your bridal party…

The person that a bride chooses to assist her bridal party is extremely important because, a bride wants each bridesmaid and groomsmen to look and feel their best at a price that IS comfortable for them…

One of the best parts of assisting brides with their entire wedding party is the fact that many brides can assure their wedding party that after the discount alterations they will not be left purchasing an expensive tux or bridesmaid dress and then have top pay hundreds more for alterations.

After a bride selects the color of the dresses based on the color scheme and wedding theme, the task of choosing the style of the dresses, and the hem length  is the first step a seamstress can help with…

Depending on the wedding venue, theme and location, many brides will  ask their bridesmaids for help… But a seamstress can help both the bride and her bridesmaids with the dress styles and also cover alterations costs beforehand… And a seamstress knows fabrics, and gown construction so the bride and her bridesmaid know what to expect in terms of cost of attire and alterations…

Many bridesmaids have an idea of the style and look they feel they’d be most comfortable in… With or without straps , a looser fit or more form fitting… These are all areas that a SEAMSTRESS can help a bride and her bridesmaids with because a seamstress knows dress styles, materials and in fact performs extensive alterations on different garments all the time.

Wedding Planning Made Easy Phoenix AZ

Wedding Planning Should Include Wedding Party Attire & Alterations For Less With Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations In Phoenix AZ

Once a bride decides on which color and styles best suit her wedding and bridesmaids, a seamstress can assist the bridal party with their particular preferences and opinions on fitment. If many bridesmaid differ in their opinion of what they like…

A seamstress can often offer advice to each bridesmaid to help them pick the best bridesmaid dress that will look great without requiring an overhaul of the entire dress!

Instead of the bride, having to be the dominant decision maker in the eyes of her bridesmaids… quite often an outside party, that is extremely experienced with weddings and wedding attire… can offer an objective outlook to assist the bride and her bridal party…

One strategy that a seamstress will often incorporate is to recommend several different bridesmaid dress styles… and let the bridesmaids themselves decide on which styles they think would complement themselves…

At this step, the seamstress can offer advice based on experience to assist each bridesmaid, while staying within the limited styles that truly fit within a brides wedding theme and vision…

Can a seamstress assist the bride with selecting tuxes for the groom and his groomsmen? Can a seamstress help select styles and offer basic pricing on tuxedo alterations before they are purchased? YES to all of the above… and the result is coordination of the right formal wear at the right price, and in the best modern styles, with an emphasis on saving on the total cost of tuxedo alterations once they tuxes arrive after they are ordered.

Most grooms and their groomsmen will really appreciate a bride that looks out for their wallets too!  Most brides enjoy assisting with choosing tux styles and dcustom options like cuff links, designer socks and fun neck ties to add suave flair… But with a professional designer and seamstress… those socks, cumberbunds, bow ties, neck ties, hankerchiefs and vests can be often custom made for less!

Imagine how much your groom and his groomsmen would appreciate one-of-a-kind neck ties, bow ties, socks and even cuff links… all with lower pricing on the alterations and design that at a department store?

Again, what is often quite expensive or impossible on short notice in a retail environment, is totally possible with an expert wedding designer, and seamstress…

Save Money on your Wedding With A Custom Wedding Dress, Bridesmaid Dress & Wedding Party Alterations ... and Shoes from Touch of Class Alterations.

Ironically, 90% of brides will purchase their dress, wedding party attire AND do the ALL of the wedding party alterations at an expensive retail store…

Most brides search many avenues for savings and discounts, yet fail to discover alternative options for themselves, their bridesmaids and their groom and groomsmen…

Who must pay for  bridesmaid dresses, tuxes and formal wear?

90% of the time… the bridesmaids and groomsmen themselves, must purchase their own dresses and tuxedos.

With this in mind, doesn’t it make sense for a bride to find an independent seamstress and designer that can offer custom options and bridal alterations and tailoring at rock bottom prices?

With lower overhead, and a 3200 sq. ft home studio location Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations saves entire bridal parties money… making EVERYONE more comfortable… it’s that simple…

Add in more personalized service… no fitting fees, no extra fees for final adjustments or returns for fine tuning… and no rush fees…. and brides truly have a recipe for success when it comes to pleasing their bridal party… And it’s no wonder when a bride has her seamstress instead of just a salesperson on her side :)

See the difference for yourself… we guarantee you’ll agree… The wedding dress consultation for brides bridesmaids and groomsmen is FREE and there are no fitting fees ever…

So if a bride thinks outside the box… and outside of the expensive retail store where should bought the dress… a lot of money stress can be avoided…

Brides deserve the best on their special day… Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations is committed to providing the highest echelon of service, personalized attention and low overhead pricing that our brides are raving about it their online reviews…

Having fun during the wedding planning process is easy when a bride has the right professionals on her side :)

Touch OF Class Alterations Mari Torres

Call Mari For A Free Wedding Dress Consultation Today @ 480-776-7964 And Mention The Phoenix Wedding Alterations Blog For A Special Discount On All Wedding Party Alterations :)

The wedding planning process should be an enjoyable time filled with laughter, joy and excitement…

A seamstress that is truly excited for a bride as a customer and friend can make all the difference, because she takes pride in her work and price! Custom wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flower-girl dresses and bridal alterations for the entire bridal party… are indeed available with a professional designer and seamstress that guarantees her work…

The reason for the Phoenix Wedding Alterations Blog is to inform and educate extremely busy brides on ALL of their custom design and alterations OPTIONS… months before their wedding …. so stress can be reduced…

And everyone in the bridal party can be completely comfortable… and look like a million… for less :)

Written by the staff of Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations :)

Cheers & Congratulations on your Phoenix Wedding!

Alter your wedding dress professionally by hiring a professional seamstress in phoenix

Follow These Simple Tips To Choosing A Professional Seamstress When Altering Or Re-Styling A Wedding Dress For Your Wedding Day :)

Some Great Bridal Alterations Tips -

You have found the perfect wedding dress and now its time  to fine tune your dress for the picture perfect fit that flatters.

The reality is most brides inevitably require bridal alterations and must hire a Phoenix Seamstress before they take their vows.

Most local wedding stores will carry some off-the rack gowns that have some of the features and style elements that a bride is looking for. But not too many bridal shops will carry the prefect wedding dress that possesses all of the design features a bride may be looking for. This of course results often in special ordering the wedding dress and waiting up to 9 months!

While many brides hope to discover the perfect wedding gown hanging on the rack at their nearest store or boutique, most brides elect to purchase a not entirely perfect dress…

Many brides purchase a wedding gown that is within a few dress sizes of their current dress size and then opt to have the necessary alterations made.

What these brides are seeking is to create the perfect wedding dress that they have envisioned for many months or even years in their minds eye. This by definition is called dress re-styling and often requires extensive alterations to the bodice, neckline, hem, corset, train and shape or silhouette of the wedding dress.

The first tip is to seek an independent designer or seamstress that is a professional at this exact type of dress re-styling and altering, mainly a wedding dress designer that knows bridal fabrics.

A proficient seamstress that specializes in bridal alterations and wedding fashion is a pre-requisite to having these type of more extensive and therefore skilled alterations done correctly…

Bridal alterations  is an art requiring extensive experience and skills that are all their own. Performing professional bridal alterations requires a very trained eye to take apart seams, realign and replace applications after altering a wedding dress without error.

Generally, a tailor has the ability to change the stitching and size depending on the fabric of a wedding dress without destroying the lines of it, or how it lays. But most tailors in Phoenix can be quite expensive compared to an independent seamstress and designer.

For example, altering a longer wedding dress hem and to take in the sides of a wedding dress can cost over $400 at an experienced tailor with extensive experience. Whereas, at an independent seamstress a bride could pay less than half of the price.

These are two very crucial keys to successful bridal alterations and tailoring.

In order to make sure that you truly have an expert seamstress handling your wedding dress, do some research on the internet, verify online reviews and ask for references /ask around. Getting a great referral from a friend or coworker is usually an ok policy, but with something as delicate as your wedding gown ame sure you compare at least one other seamstress or designer to compare prices and your comfort level…

Next, you can always go through a local bridal shop where you may have purchased the wedding gown. But when going to an expensive boutique or bridal shop, remember to ask for an accurate quote for bridal fitting fees, cost to alter the hemline, neckline, sides and train… What brides truly need when planning a wedding is more disclosure up front and less surprises and huge unexpected costs for alterations.

Compare at least one or two bridal shops and wedding stores alterations departments with general questions on alterations costs when shopping for your wedding dress…  then visit an independent designer and compare prices. An independent seamstress will not have the overhead of a commercial rent boutique or bridal shop….

At least by comparing an independent  designer and seamstress you will know the seamstress pricing and if they have experience dealing with high end bridal couture. The truth is many local designers and seamstresses can do an excellent job with your  wedding dress.

You do not want to have to totally rebuild the gown… as that will cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to complete.

Instead, do a search online for “phoenix wedding alterations” “phoenix bridal alterations”  “phoenix seamstress” or “wedding dress seamstress” on Google.

There are many locally owned seamstress and alterations businesses in Phoenix that advertise online with online coupons.

An independent seamstress may also advertise on websites like Craigslist and offer coupons on Google Places, Dex Knows or any one of a number of wedding and bridal websites.

Online coupons will definitely save a bride money and serve to also increase sales over the less busy times of the year… coupons also offer discounts over the summer months, on the weekends and during the fall to boost sales and appointment requests, so be sure to look for those.

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations always offers online coupons on bridal websites like Wedding Wire, Merchant Circle, DEX Knows, and Google Places.

phoenix wedding alterations tips

Choosing a skilled bridal seamstress for your wedding dress

Next, choosing the gown you will wearing by a specific material can also make your alterations even easier. For example, if you select one with lots of lace, organza, pickups and fitted seams, it will be more of a challenge to alter the wedding dress.

If a bride wants a strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline and finds one but the hem is too long, it is best to find a dress with this feature and just do the one hem alteration than purchase another dress that fits better but lacks this must have design.

Another other piece of advice to get you to your big day even quicker and with less stress, is to choose a wedding gown that allots for your lifestyle. If you have the body type that goes up and down with your weight, make wise dress decisions to support that.

You will notice that most people lose weight getting up to the big day, which is usually just a small form of nerves and being so anxious for their special day. Realistically, you should provide yourself with enough breathing room to gain or lose a few pounds before you have a bid wedding celebration and you have issues fitting into your dress as that will only make your day even more stressful.

Research who you will use and look into the bridal alterations – Touch of Class Alterations recommends using a wedding dress designer and phoenix seamstress with at least 25 years experience and dozens of positive reviews on websites like DEX Knows, Merchant Circle, Wedding Wire, Premiere Bride and The Knot.

Also make sure when hiring a bridal alterations seamstress in phoenix that you ask if they have references that you can speak with to see how other brides rate the quality of their service and turn around time.

Finally, inquire if your prospective seamstress uses professional industrial sewing machines and is insured in case they make a mistake with your expensive dress. Also be sure to ask if they charge any hidden fees like a fitting fee or rush fee.

Time and time again we find brides that were told they had to pay extra just to have their wedding dress altered in two weeks or less when we offer 7  business day turnaround at no extra charge.

Touch Of Class Wedding Alterations Seamstress Phoenix AZ

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations Offers Free Bridal Consultation & A Free Fitting.

Owner, Mari Torres has 25 years experience in bridal fashion and is featured in Phoenix Bride & Groom Magazine and The Phoenix Bridal Show.

Brides can also read dozens of positive reviews on Google, Merchant (50+ reviews) , Wedding (18 reviews), DEX Knows ( 8 reviews) MojoPages and  dozens of other bridal sites like Premiere Bride and The Knot.

Listed below  are helpful questions a bride should ask herself when looking for a highly skilled professional seamstress or designer:

  • Did you read at least a dozen local phoenix reviews about your seamstress online?
  • Did you ask your potential seamstress for references from other brides?
  • Did you ask how many years experience and what training?
  • Does your seamstress specialize and focus on bridal alterations?
  • Does your seamstress specialize in tailoring items like jeans, drapery and pillows or do they really know bridal alterations?
  • Has your seamstress worked under a deadline in a busy bridal shop before going independent?
  • What affiliations or endorsements does your seamstress have from other wedding vendors in your area?
  • Does your seamstress design bridal couture or just do alterations?
  • Can your seamstress design and create every part of a custom wedding dress or tuxedo from scratch?
  • Can your seamstress show you photos and style examples of her work?
  • Does your seamstress have a website or blog where other satisfied brides have praised her work?
  • Does your seamstress carry liability insurance for her business when altering and storing expensive wedding gowns and dresses?

These are the kind of questions that are no problem for an expert wedding dress designer or expert bridal seamstress.

For more information on bridal alterations or hiring a seamstress in the Phoenix area:

Please call Mari at Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations at 623-433-8342 or book an appointment for a free bridal fitting at:

DIY Silk Wedding Invitation Couture

Touch Of Class Recommends Adding Silk Wedding Invitation Ribbons & Brooch For A Couture Style That Will Add Do-It-Yourself Affordability Without Compromising Elegance

In this economy, we all need to save money where we can. If a wedding is being planned, however, saving money can be tough when considering do-it-yourself options.

No one wants their wedding to look shabby because they are trying to save a few dollars, though.

There are some ways to cut corners that the guests will not even notice, however.

Saving on wedding invitations – the right way… is one of them.

While many people think that they can do the invitations entirely themselves to save money, this is actually not the case.

By the time ink is bought for the printer, the paper is purchased, the design is created and the time is put into planning them… little money is actually saved. It is best to go with a company or store that carries invitations in bulk. They can print them for a lot less money and they still look very professional. No one will know that you did not pay a fortune for them.

Next, brides can add enhancements like ribbons, bows, clips or a fleur-de-lis brooch as in the photo above.

By purchasing wedding invitations that have a more simple yet elegant design, and by purchasing from a wedding store or online store that works with bulk printers for discount pricing, brides can save and have money left over for adding the DIY enhancements.

In Phoenix, Arizona there are a few great places to save on wedding invitations. Finding them is easy if you just know where to look. One great store for discount Wedding Invitations is Thee Wedding Warehouse in Goodyear, AZ. It’s a 30 minute drive for brides living in the east valley, but it’s worth the trip. Thee Wedding Warehouse offers wedding invitations starting at just $68.90 (per 100), for brides on a budget.

Simple Wedding Invitations can be enhanced for less than purchasing expensive invitations in a phoenix wedding store

Any Simple Elegant Wedding Invitation Ensemble Can Be Enhanced For Less Than An Expensive Phoenix Wedding Store

Of course the best way is to compare prices using the internet or just basically calling around to local phoenix wedding stores. Brides looking for do-it-yourself (DIY) wedding invitations may want to compare prices on the Wedding Paper Divas website, that offers DIY options for brides planning a  budget wedding.

When shopping for wedding invitations in Phoenix, be sure to find out what paper they are quoting you. This makes a huge difference.

You do not want flimsy paper for your invitations. Your guests will think they look and feel cheap. It is best to go with thicker paper and then add some fun embellishments to them like bows for jackets. This will increase the cost only slightly and add a touch of real elegance to them.

Engraving is another item to think about. It is beautiful but it can also be very expensive. Instead, you may consider getting thermography which looks similar but is much cheaper.

It has a raised look the same as engraving but the process is easier and costs less money. Sometimes you can also save by cutting down the extras. Having one embellishment instead of five, for instance, will bring down the cost.

Maybe have one bow or one fancy jacket instead of both. You also do not need lined envelopes. No one really notices this and it really raises costs. Sometimes simple is more elegant.

Another way to bring down costs is to use one envelope instead of the traditional two. This can be done to look just as nice and will save money. It needs to be done the right way so it does not look cheap. Getting the envelopes stamped at the post office will also make them look better and will ultimately save you money in the long run.

The cost to mail them will also be lower if you leave out heavy embellishments. You may also want to decide not to include a reception card. Instead, have “reception to follow” at the bottom of the actual invitation instead. Also, placing a postcard RSVP in the invitation instead of an envelope will dramatically lower costs. It also makes it easier for the guests to fill them out and mail them out.

While you can save some on using cheaper paper to print the invitation on, the money saved will not be worth it. Like stated above, it will end up looking cheap and feeling flimsy. No one will think they are fancy or elegant if you do that. It is best to save money on other aspects. There are a lot of companies in the Phoenix area that can print great invitations.

It is important to find one that will help you make great looking ones and also save money. A good company will help you do this and not try and sell you thinks that you do not need. Finding a good company is easy. Look on the internet for one in your area and then look at customer reviews. This will help you to determine where to go. No one wants to spend too much time looking for a reliable printer so use the internet to your advantage.

The Wedding Wire website has a lot of information that can be useful for you and your wedding. You may even find a company that will help you make great napkins and party favors for your guests. just make sure to compare pricing to national discount sites and compare apples-to-apples in regard to paper quality and features.

Touch Of Class Recommends Puchasing Discount Wedding Invitations

Adding Custom Options On Your Own Can Enhance Any Discount Wedding Invitations For Your Phoenix Wedding

Creating unique wedding invitations the right way is worth the time and effort. Saving money for your wedding is extremely important. Just make sure not to attempt too many do-it-yourself projects, especially in the critically important areas of the wedding invitations printing, the wedding dress and the wedding dress alterations. The wedding florist and caterer are also equally important and should not be attempted do-it-yourself. This could add unnecessary stress for any bride.

The Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations website has a Recommended Vendors area based on thousands of reviews to help brides choose a professional wedding vendor for each of these critical areas. Look into adding your own wedding invitation ribbons, silk boxes, brooches, clips or anything to add your own personality to your wedding.

Of course, your Wedding Invitations should match your wedding theme too. By using these helpful tips you can save money and still get the elegant invites that you are looking for. Your guests will be impressed and you can spend your money on the rest of the wedding.

The Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations website recommends wedding vendors to help brides budget during the wedding planning process. Using your imagination and knowing which areas of your wedding to attempt do-it-yourself projects can help brides to save money without compromising elegance for their wedding.

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations Phoenix can help DIY brides and brides on a budget to save on wedding invitations by visiting our website:

Touch Of Class Bridal Wedding Invitations Recommended Vendors

Brides begin envisioning their wedding day long before the engagement. As little girls, they dream of the perfect wedding, complete with their Prince Charming and a carriage ride.

Brides Can Save On Their Phoenix Wedding & Avoid Regrets With These Wedding Tips

Touch of Class Bridal & Alterations In Phoenix Dishes On How to Enjoy Your Wedding Day Without Regrets.

But when these little girls grow up, they realize planning a wedding is not as easy as it seems. Often, brides look back on their wedding day with a few secreted regrets.

“I wish I searched harder for a better venue,” they might say to themselves, or “I wish I spent more time tailoring my dress.”

Brides never want to look back on their wedding day with disappointment. To all the future brides, consider these insightful pointers to help avoid the most common wedding regrets:

Don’t give up searching for the perfect dress.

Many brides look back on their wedding day and wish they hadn’t settled for a dress they didn’t love. Remember, you don’t want to say “I do” in a dress you thought would “just do.” Finding the perfect dress is like finding your perfect man, you just know it is right.

If you cannot find the right dress, consider designing your own wedding dress. Another option is to customize an off-the-rack gown, which is basically wedding dress restyling. Once you’ve found the wedding dress, make sure to have it altered by a professional seamstress who specializes in wedding gowns. After all, gowns hardly ever fit just right in the store.

Many gown companies and bridal stores offer alteration services at a high price, so try taking your dress to an independent seamstress in Phoenix. This is often a more affordable route, but be careful to only allow a seamstress to touch your dress if the seamstress is a wedding dress specialist.

Also, make sure the seamstress has positive online reviews, or you are referred from a friend happy with their services.

Next, choose wisely when selecting the wedding entertainment at your reception.

Brides often put little effort into finding a quality DJ, live band, or Master of Ceremonies (mc).  But this is such an important aspect of the reception.

The entire flow of your wedding reception revolves around the DJ entertainment you choose. If you choose wedding entertainment or a Phoenix Wedding DJ that cannot keep the party going, your reception may feel awkward and slow-moving.

Choose a DJ that specializes as a wedding entertainment director. A wedding entertainment director will work with your wedding planner, venue and guests to direct your wedding timeline. Choose a wedding entertainment director (DJ) that has confidence on a microphone, so you feel confident that he/she will keep your party moving in the right direction.

And always make sure to meet with them beforehand to get a feel for what they have to offer.

Touch of Class offers Phoenix bridal alterations for less money.

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations in Phoenix helps brides plan their Phoenix wedding for less.

It’s best to watch the entertainers you choose in action. Ask if you can attend a wedding to hear them, read all the reviews online, and/or youtube their previous events.

Once you feel they’ll meet your needs, go ahead and hire them, but stay in contact throughout the planning period. Let them know how involved you’d like them to be during the reception, what styles of music to play and avoid, and the audience you are expecting at your party.

For instance, will the audience be mostly made up of conservative, older people that love big band music? Or are you planning to have college-aged kids that dance only to the top 40’s?

These are helpful questions to keep in mind when talking with the entertainers you choose.

Another top regret brides often have is that they didn’t hire a wedding coordinator.

A wedding coordinator is not necessarily a wedding planner, but someone the day of the wedding that keeps everything running smoothly. You want to be able to enjoy your big day, instead of running around frantically the morning of trying to wrap last minute favors and silverware.

That’s a coordinator’s job.

A coordinator simply shows up the day of your wedding and makes sure the event goes as planned.

He/she will ensure that the wedding party walks down the aisle at the appropriate time, the first few rows are reserved for family, and the last minute, stressful mishaps are fixed without your knowledge.

Their job is to make sure you stay stress-free and blissful.  If you don’t want to spend the money for a coordinator, at least make a schedule for the day. Print off multiple copies, and post them in the dressing areas before the rehearsal night.

Be sure to hand a copy to each member of the bridal party and anyone else of importance too. Phoenix Weddings go much smoother when they have a structured schedule to follow; however, don’t worry if the schedule doesn’t go exactly as planned, schedules hardly ever go exactly as planned.

Allow grace periods in between things like driving from the ceremony to the reception site.

Touch of Class helps Phoenix brides plan a stress free wedding.

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations in Phoenix recommends brides work with a wedding coordinator to make sure everything goes as planned.

Be careful when picking your guest list and bridal party.

When it comes to the guest list, don’t feel obligated to invite your dear friend from grade school that you haven’t talked to in twenty years.

It’s your wedding and you can invite whoever you like, but be careful not to offend anyone at the same time. If your Aunt Rita from Chicago doesn’t plan on making the trek out to Arizona, send her an invitation anyways.

It’s a polite gesture and it lets her know she’s not forgotten.

When it comes to the bridal party, choose your nearest and dearest friends. Ask yourself, “Is this someone I see myself being close with still in five years from now? How about ten years?”

If the answer is no, reconsider why you’re asking this person. Family members are normally a safe choice for bridal party members because they are normally apart of your life for the long run.

Lastly, the most important wedding advice anyone can give a bride is to enjoy her big day.

So many brides stress when every detail does not go exactly as planned, instead of enjoying their wedding.

Of course, your wedding day is a special occasion, but be careful be careful to not place unrealistic expectations on it that are unobtainable.

Relax, smile and enjoy the day… :)

It probably won’t go perfect, but be content knowing it’s a special day all about your commitment to one another.

Check out for more information on discount off the rack wedding gowns and bridal alterations at up to 70% off phoenix retail bridal shops and wedding stores.

Your bridal party should be comprised of your dearest friends and family.

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations recommends choosing your closest friends and family for the bridal family.

With the right seamstress and designer on your side…

You truly can “Say Yes To the Dress” … for a lot less…   :)

Good Luck!


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