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sweetheart beaded bridesmaid dress

Sweetheart beaded bridesmaid dress

Make Fair Choices When Choosing Your Bride Maids Dresses

Dress your bridesmaids in something that is fashionable, they will definitely know that they have a Good Friend.

Do not dress your friends in something ugly so that you will look better than them on your special day.

Try not to choose bridesmaid dresses that make your maids look heavy and unappealing.

Take your time and make sure that the bridesmaid dresses complement your wedding gown.

You will know when you have came across the right dress and all you have to do is find the right feel .

Find a style that haves the same feel as your dress but doesn’t look too much alike.

You definitely don’t want your bridesmaids looking to similar to yourself.

Add Some Color To Your Brides Maid Dresses

Consider choosing a color or a fabric and then letting each maid pick a style that will suit her, mix the look up the correct way.

It wouldn’t be fair to cram a tall voluptuous  bridesmaid into the exact same style as a petite, skinny girl.

Seek a style that compliments the different sizes and shapes of your bridesmaids.

Don’t ask your friends to purchase a bridesmaid dress they wouldn’t ever wear again.

Consider the thought of what your brides maids could do with the dresses after the wedding make sure that the dress is reusable.

everyone has different financial situations. A price range for bridesmaid dresses is generally $100-300.

If you fall madly in love with a dress that compliments your wedding dress, but is a bit over their price range, consider covering the difference yourself.

Blue Brides Maids Dress

Blue Brides Maids Dress

Offer your bridesmaids to go dress shopping with you.

If you have more than five brides maids with you don’t bring them because  it will be difficult to formulate your own opinion.

Make a list of each name, about what kind of dress you think would look great  on her and how much you think is a decent price to ask her to pay for a dress.

Certain dresses that contain dark colors like navy, hunter green, and black look beautiful on every brides maid and can also be worn to formal events on later occasions.

When you choose a dress make sure that its a dress that you are comfortable in.

Strapless dresses or bridesmaid gowns that don’t provides bras, ask your bridal party if they would agree on such a style before you decide.

Don’t  try to do everything on your own, it will just make things more complicated.

Assign your maid of honor the job of being highly responsible for the bridesmaid gown purchases.

Simple and elegant designs make everyone happy. Don’t go over board with lots of details, flourishes , and accessories.

Visit the Touch of Class Bridal Alterations website for more information and inspiration.

It’s the first step to make your wedding dress perfect!

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Touch Of Class Alterations In Phoenix AZ Offers Free Bridal Fittings & Quotes

Mari Is A Local Phoenix Wedding Dress Designer & Seamstress -
Call Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations For All Of Your Bridal Alterations Needs -For A Free Bridal Fitting Today CALL 480-776-7964
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Touch Of Class Bridal Alterations


About the Author

Touch of Class Bridal Alterations is located in Phoenix AZ Mari has 26 years of experience in bridal fashion and custom wedding dress design.

Book a free bridal fitting today. Call 480-776-7964 or 623-433-8342 if busy.

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Touch Of Class Bridal Alterations Offers Custom Wedding Veils & Wedding Gowns For Up To 70% Less Than Phoenix Wedding Dress Stores & Boutiques

Touch of Class Bridal Alterations in Phoenix can make your wedding dress or wedding gown picture perfect for your special day.

Have the dress you’ve always dreamed of wearing with the help of Mari Torres, the owner, master wedding dress designer and seamstress of this valuable Phoenix alterations store and service.

Mari has over a quarter of a century of experience in the bridal industry that she will put to work for you.

You can have custom wedding attire for your entire bridal party. From design to creation, Touch of Class Bridal Alterations ensures that your vision becomes a reality.

Alternatively, start with a newly purchased gown or one that you already have in your wardrobe.

Watch your dream gown appear through Mari’s wedding dress restyling magic.

A bustle can be added for as little as $10. Bra linings, laced-corset backs, zippers and modesty panels can also be affordably added to transform the original gown into one that’s simply perfect for your dream wedding.

Enhance your gown with stones, beads, sequins and appliques. This is the year for glamour, glitz and color!

Thanks to more than a few prominent royal and entertainment industry weddings, this is the time to break free from some stodgy traditions.

While shades of white are always fashionable, they are not the only choices.

Everything from soft, subtle pastels to bold, bright colors are being worn as either the primary color or in an accent such as a sash, panel or beaded trim.

Throw some basic rules out of the window as even the alterations don’t have to conform to any particular pattern or symmetry.

Random placement of accents creates visual interest and adds to the originality of the designs.

Make your wedding dress perfect in your own eyes.

Touch of Class Bridal Alterations can offer valuable guidance to assist you in making the right selections every step of the way.

It’s perfectly acceptable for the bridesmaids to wear different gown lengths, styles and colors. It’s also okay to wear different styles and colors of shoes.

The groomsmen have the option of wearing individualized styles and colors too. The rules of conformity are suspended. The trend is definitely supporting creative freedom and expression.

wedding dress alterations phoenix touch of class bridal alterations phoenix

Wedding Dress Alterations & Custom Bridal Veils In Phoenix For Up To 70% Less With Touch of Class Bridal Alterations Phoenix

When considering the most popular choices for 2012, you’re looking at longer corset styling and more revealing cleavage.

The sweetheart neckline has become deeper while one-strap designs add significant possibilities for diversity.

Modesty panels are incorporated along with very low backless gowns.

Bolero jackets come alive with glitzy enhancements like crystals, colored beads and dangling charms.

Design your dream veil independent of your dream gown; they don’t have to be a perfect match in material or design to be visually appealing.

The message has never been more clear:

This is the ideal time to have a wedding that is truly custom-designed and unique to your own wishes.

The best part of all is that Touch of Class is extremely affordable.

There’s no reason to buy something that isn’t quite what you’re looking for and sticking with it. Make your dream wedding a reality.

Visit the Touch of Class Bridal Alterations website for more information and inspiration.

It’s the first step to make your wedding dress perfect!

alterations wedding dress bridal gown seamstress phoenix az

Touch Of Class Alterations In Phoenix AZ Offers Free Bridal Fittings & Quotes

Mari Is A Local Phoenix Wedding Dress Designer & Seamstress -
Call Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations For All Of Your Bridal Alterations Needs -For A Free Bridal Fitting Today CALL 480-776-7964
Visit Mari Seamstress & Designer at Touch Of Class Bridal Alterations Online At Her Website :)
Touch Of Class Bridal Alterations


About the Author

Touch of Class Bridal Alterations is located in Phoenix AZ Mari has 26 years of experience in bridal fashion and custom wedding dress design.

Book a free bridal fitting today. Call 480-776-7964 or 623-433-8342 if busy.

ATTN: Phoenix Brides - Shopping For That Elusive Perfect Wedding Dress? Get The Perfect Wedding Dress For Less With These Tips From Touch Of Class Alterations In Phoenix AZ

Determine Your Bridal Budget

When determining your wedding dress budget, remember to include the cost of wedding dress alterations and wedding dress bridal accessories.

Bridal alterations can often cost hundreds of dollars unless you carefully shop around for an affordable and reliable seamstress.

Check online reviews for each seamstress and meet for a free consultation with the local seamstress that you have the most comfortable feeling from her reviews and phone call.

In addition look into the cost of getting a custom wedding dress veil made by your local seamstress instead of paying over $300 for a retail price wedding veil at an expensive bridal shop or wedding dress store in Phoenix.

Most brides forget to factor in the cost of their wedding dress accessories such as the veil, tiara, shoes, slip, bustle and sashes. Also remember to inquire about the cost of the bridal alterations for not only yourself as the bride but for your entire bridal party.

By checking into the best options for bridal alterations and alterations, a bride can save her entire wedding party a lot of money and be highly appreciated. Especially in this economy, many bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents of the flower girls are happy to find that a simple visit to a local phoenix seamstress can save them hundreds off of expensive retail wedding dress and bridal stores.

In addition, many local seamstress do not charge a fitting fee, which can run as much as $25 at many bridal shops so brides, bridesmaids and the entire bridal party can save even more.

In a nutshell when it comes to budgeting for your wedding dress and bridal party attire keep in mind that a local seamstress can do the alterations for less and even provide lower cost on wedding dress accessories like, veils, tiaras, and sashes.

The fact is when it comes to budget for your wedding, the wedding dress accessories and alterations are often a hidden last minute cost which can be avoided by researching what retail stores charge and comparing a local independent wedding dress designer or seamstress.

Tips To Lower Costs

Brides that wish to look stunning yet without going into debt or draining their bank account, should consider purchasing their wedding dress at a store, but having custom design elements and the alterations done with a local seamstress that guarantees their work.

Today’s sweetheart necklines, dropped waist, mermaid, ruched and bedazzled wedding gown styles can all be recreated with a talented seamstress for far less than what high overhead bridal shops and wedding dress stores charge.

Make sure to check the BBB, references and online reviews from websites like The Knot, Wedding-Wire, Wedding Channel and Phoenix Wedding.net when selecting a wedding dress seamstress in phoenix.

Consider More Than One Wedding Dress Style

When shopping at a local wedding dress store or bridal shop, remember that each dress that you like, does not have to be perfect if you have already located a talented local seamstress that can alter your wedding dress style and add the final touches that you want in your wedding dress. Most brides struggle to find a wedding dress that has the perfect bustline, corset, lace, backline or silhouette.

alterations tailor phoenix az touch of class alterations

Touch Of Class Alterations Can Add ANY Wedding Dress Design Element A Bride Wants For Less :)

By doing research on having the wedding dress alterations done with a lower cost alternative seamstress, many brides are more confident in purchasing a wedding dress bargain, because they know it can be altered to fit what they envision.

For example, a wedding dress with a lower v neckline can have a lace up corset back added, or a sweetheart neckline can be added while making the gown strapless. In addition, modesty panels, invisilace and custom wraps or bolero jackets can cover shoulder during the ceremony by having the alterations done for less with a local seamstress.

Be open to different wedding dresses and never purchase a wedding gown that is too expensive for your budget simply because it has all of the elements you desire…. unless it truly is within your wedding overall budget.

Many brides that splurge and purchase an extremely expensive wedding gown just because it has everything they want, are shocked to discover that the dress doesn’t fit right when it arrives on order months later.

Many wedding gowns & wedding dresses arrive two sizes too big…

Again, since many brides forget to check on the cost of alterations and accessories at the store they purchase their wedding dress, the look of sticker shock is too often a sight in wedding dress stores and retail bridal shops.

Always know up front the cost of alterations to take in the sides of a wedding gown, add a corset, hem a wedding dress and the look into purchasing a wedding dress that can have these adjustments done for less at an outside independent seamstress. This way, you can get the perfect wedding dress without breaking the bank and shattering your budget.

By removing the pressure to purchase a wedding dress with all of the elements a bride wants, and by working outside of expensive retail wedding stores and salons, brides can definitely save on the cost of their wedding dress.

And it all begins with working with more than one wedding dress style when shopping and knowing with confidence that you can customize any dress for far less than at the store a bride purchases her dress.

The knowledge of lower cost bridal accessories and alterations option thru a local seamstress can also help brides avoid buying more than one dress in an attempt to get the perfect wedding dress!

Remember, a wedding dress designer or highly skilled seamstress can give you the look you want for less.

Without starting over and buying a second dress after an impulsive purchase. So when shopping for a wedding dress in phoenix, remember to look into custom wedding alterations and accessories through a local seamstress.

Many brides are surprised by the lower prices and more personalized attention they receive when working with an independent seamstress :)

Get The Right Bridal Fitting Expert

When you’re ready to have alterations done to your expensive wedding dress, it is always important to hire a seamstress or store that guarantees their work and can complete the alterations work at least 45-60 days before your wedding.

This prevents wedding dress disasters the last week before your wedding, and ensures their is time to make final adjustments to your wedding dress.

Remember, when purchasing and ordering a wedding gown from a store, many wedding gowns arrive late and subsequently too close to the wedding date. Having a bridal expert seamstress ensures that your dress order arrives on time and the alterations are done with plenty of time before the wedding.

phoenix wedding dress alterations touch of class alterations phoenix

Hire A Local Phoenix Seamstress To Style Your Wedding Dress The Way You Want :)

Your seamstress will take your measurements in the bust, waist, hem length and hips at the bridal first fitting.

The next step is to add the custom design elements you and alterations necessary to get the perfect look and fit for your own unique style wedding dress

Getting The Fit Right The First Time

Every bride that purchases her perfect wedding dress, needs to be fitted for the picture perfect wedding dress. All wedding dresses require alterations to fit perfectly to each brides shape.

When your gown is altered correctly, you should be able to move comfortably with everything staying in place.

Wedding Gown Alterations can be as simple as taking in the waist and shortening the hem; in more complex alterations, the sleeves may be abbreviated, the bodice taken in, and lace or beads added.

Finding A Fantastic Seamstress

A Fantastic Phoenix Seamstress is one that makes you feel great, is friendly and knowledgeable and answers all of your questions comfortably while making sure that the highest skill is brought forth to produce the look, fit and feel of a picture perfect bride :)

Finding a great seamstress is more than just hiring someone that can do the alterations or custom design elements.

It is finding a seamstress that you trust and are comfortable working with based on their exceptional work history, references and results verified by other brides.

So if you think you’ve found someone to handle the alterations for your expensive wedding dress, remember to check their references, online reviews and record with the BBB.

The picture perfect wedding dress need not seem impossible with a patient and talented seamstress. Look at examples of your seamstress work and ask to see her designs. This way in addition to low prices you can verify the quality of their work.

Only hire a seamstress that does exceptional work at a fair price and you will be on you way to the picture perfect

wedding dress for less.

alterations wedding dress bridal gown seamstress phoenix az

Touch Of Class Alterations In Phoenix AZ Offers Free Bridal Fittings & Quotes

Mari Is A Local Phoenix Wedding Dress Designer & Seamstress -
Call Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations For All Of Your Bridal Alterations Needs -For A Free Bridal Fitting Today CALL 480-776-7964
Visit Mari Seamstress & Designer at Touch Of Class Bridal Alterations Online At Her Website :)
Touch Of Class Bridal Alterations


About the Author

Touch of Class Bridal Alterations is located in Phoenix AZ  Mari has 26 years of experience in bridal fashion and custom wedding dress design.

Book a free bridal fitting today. Call 480-776-7964 or 623-433-8342 if busy.

Need Bridal Alterations For Your 2012 - 2013 Phoenix Wedding - Save Up To 50% On Alterations For Your Entire Phoenix Bridal Party With Touch Of Class Alterations

Need Bridal Alterations For Your 2012 - 2013 Phoenix Wedding - Save Up To 50% On Alterations For Your Entire Phoenix Bridal Party With Touch Of Class Alterations

In 2012 more and more brides are looking for ways to enhance their wedding dress and make their wedding gown truly unique. A custom wedding dress bust line is one way to truly customize your wedding dress for both style and comfort.

In order to add a sweetheart neckline to a wedding dress, it is necessary to permanently alter the bust line of the wedding gown.  The level of difficulty in adding a sweetheart neckline always depends on the type of fabric used in the wedding gown as well as the cut or silhouette of the wedding dress to start with.

To add or not to add a sweetheart neckline

Here are the Top 3 Reasons to add a sweetheart neckline for your own custom wedding dress.

To Add Or Not To Add A Sweetheart Neckline To The Wedding Dress Reason #1  - Added Wedding Dress Comfort.

Add a sweetheart neckline if you want to add elegance and style to a dress that may not have enough custom elements already. For example, a strapless wedding gown will already have more style in the bodice with a rigid corset filled with boning and layers of fabric….

With this in mind, adding a sweetheart neckline to a strapless wedding dress, can add a more dramatic look to the strapless wedding gown, especially if the bust line is already heavily beaded or adorned.

Many times a strapless wedding dress design will have plenty of detail in the bodice, yet somehow the wedding dress designer forgot to continue the attention to detail in the bust or neckline. It is quite common to see brides that fall in love with a fab wedding dress that has almost everything they want…

One of the benefits of adding a sweetheart neckline to a wedding dress is it almost always can add curves and shape to the bustline. A well designed sweetheart neckline can also offer more breathing room and comfort in a rigid corset style strapless wedding gown or dress.

In order to correctly add a sweetheart neckline to any wedding gown, you will need to enlist the help of a professional and detail oriented bridal seamstress or wedding dress designer that specializes in wedding dress restyling, bridal alterations and designing wedding gowns exclusively.

A professional seamstress understands the importance of both symmetry and comfort when adding a sweetheart neckline to a wedding dress. The degree of difficulty required to alter a wedding gown neckline with perfect symmetry and curves, requires a steady hand and industrial sewing machines.

Adding a sweetheart neckline almost always requires lowering the neckline and permanently removing boning and/or fabric materials from the wedding dress.

It is best to inquire of your potential seamstress, if they guarantee their work and your total satisfaction with adding a sweetheart neckline design element to your wedding gown. It is also best to get references from other brides to verify the quality of the work they received and how comfortable they were with the overall fit of their wedding dress.

To properly add a sweetheart neckline a wedding dress, the wedding dress designer or seamstress will basically build up the existing structure of the wedding dress to reshape the bust line into the shape of a heart. Adding a sweetheart neckline is a fantastic detail that many busty brides love, as it accentuates their curves, while adding a lighter more comfortable style to the wedding dress… A custom sweetheart neckline should almost always require a multi-layered structure underneath to add proper support. Adding cups to the bodice can also help brides that love the romantic and captivating look of a sweetheart neckline, regardless of their bust size.

Many brides feel their dress is lighter and can breathe better once they open up the bust line by adding a sweetheart neckline. By taking your time to select a talented and experienced independent wedding dress designer or seamstress, many brides can add comfort while saving money over having this type of wedding dress alteration done at an expensive wedding dress store or bridal shop. A bride will look better in her wedding photos if she feels great in her wedding dress.

Want To Add A Sweetheart Neckline To Your 2012 - 2013 Wedding Dress ? Touch Of Class Alterations Can Add A Sweetheart Neckline For Less Than Most Bridal Shops & Phoenix Wedding Dress Stores

Want To Add A Sweetheart Neckline To Your 2012 - 2013 Wedding Dress ? Touch Of Class Alterations Can Add A Sweetheart Neckline For Less Than Most Bridal Shops & Phoenix Wedding Dress Stores

To Add Or Not To Add A Sweetheart Neckline To The Wedding Dress Reason #2 – Adding Your Own Personality & Style.

Adding a sweetheart neckline to a wedding dress certainly can help any bride look even more stunning, while adding creativity and style.  Make sure to remember that the more detailed your wedding dress already is, the more care and detail that will be required to add a sweetheart neckline to your wedding dress.

Having a sweetheart neckline to a wedding dress for many brides means visiting the wedding dress store where they purchased their wedding gown. In most cases, an in house bridal alterations department can handle adding a sweetheart neckline, but it is always a good idea to get a few outside quotes to have the alterations done for more budget conscious brides.  Many brides have shared their experiences online of feeling they paid too much to add sweetheart neckline or to alter their wedding dress hem. In fact, many brides also have reported in online reviews that even though they relied on an expensive bridal shop or retail wedding store to do their wedding dress alterations…. They honestly felt rushed through many of the bridal fittings, starting with the first fitting.

How can this be? Once a bride has purchased an expensive wedding dress at a retail store, most brides encounter the alterations department and settle for less than stellar service. The truth is many bridal shops are big on sales clerks and sales service….

But once a purchase has been made, their alterations department is often understaffed and overworked. With many brides relying on the same quality of service and attention to detail that they witnessed during their dress purchase, many are shocked that the alterations process can take weeks to even get in for their first fitting.  Since many bridal shops are quite busy with brides receiving dress orders that they have waited for months, it is quite common for brides to notice an alterations lady or store seamstress making recommendations that strangely are steering them away from their own ideas and vision.

The reason is an exquisite, finely detailed wedding gown, will almost always require up to 4 hours of work just to add a sweetheart neckline. This is due to the fact that the beading and design work on the bodice on the wedding gown will need to be removed and re-applied once the sweetheart neckline has been added. To make matters more challenging for a bridal shop seamstress, many of the seamstresses are underpaid and are expected to get volume work done, so working for 3-4 hours on one single wedding dress alteration, can slow down the service output to other brides. Subsequently, the level of service is not always the same as what a bride encountered when first selecting a wedding dress. Especially if a bride wants to make more dramatic changes to a wedding dress.

For example, a bride decides she would love to have a sweetheart neckline but her dress is a halter style. This requires a highly skilled seamstress and the exact materials to restructure a wedding dress. Or a bride that wants to add a sweetheart neckline to a dress that is not strapless and without a corset. Almost always changing a dress to a strapless or backless design requires a high level of skill and removing applications, design elements and beading and then reapplying the elements after totally re-designing the dress into a strapless wedding dress design with a sweetheart neckline.

The bottom line is many brides are given only 3 weeks before their wedding to come in for the bridal alterations on the advice of the wedding gown store or bridal shop in the first place. This is dangerous timing as a more conscientious bride will almost always demand that the seamstress follow her direction. The last thing a bride to be needs is to be told that there is not sufficient time to add a custom design element like adding a sweetheart neckline, a corset or a strap less re-design.

Add A Sweetheart Neckline Or Single Stap Design For Your Own Custom 2012 - 2013 Wedding Dress - Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations In Phoenix Will Make Your Phoenix Wedding Dress Long Remembered

Add A Sweetheart Neckline Or Single Stap Design For Your Own Custom 2012 - 2013 Wedding Dress - Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations In Phoenix Will Make Your Phoenix Wedding Dress Long Remembered

It is estimated that up to 50% of brides “settle” on less than what they envisioned for their wedding dress for the above reason of being steered away from doing more difficult and detailed wedding dress alterations.

The second reason brides settle is the cost quoted during their first bridal fitting. Since many stores cannot do the more detailed and skilled alterations on short notice, they must either subcontract the work or ask their best seamstress to pull longer shifts to get the job done. It is not uncommon for a bride to be quoted up to $350 or more to add a sweetheart neckline to their wedding dress. This exorbitant pricing is not counting hemming a wedding dress, changing the hem length of a wedding dress or taking in the bodice of a wedding dress.

Nor does the quote cover the cost of adding straps to a wedding dress or changing the backline or converting a wedding dress to a strapless design. In addition, many stores charge a bridal fitting fee of up to $25 for each fitting and any additional fittings necessitated by an uncompromising bride.

In this scenario, many brides break down right in the store and give up on their ideas. This is mostly stress and disbelief that they are “suddenly” under time pressure in regard to their wedding dress itself… this is always on top of all of the other arrangements that must be handled the final weeks before the wedding day. This is the exact area where hiring a talented local seamstress can change a brides wedding dress alteration  experience, removing the stress, lowering the cost and reducing sticker shock from the often undisclosed pricing of more detailed bridal alterations at a retail wedding dress boutique or bridal shop.

The author and seamstress has interviewed brides that were quoted over $800 to do the wedding dress alterations listed above, with no guarantee that the fit would be perfect since the fitting were always rushed just weeks before the wedding.

A good seamstress always recommends doing the major bridal dress alterations at least 60-90 days before the wedding with a free final fitting for minor adjustments a week or two before the wedding day. This leaves plenty of time to get the alterations done and removes one more worry for a busy bride the final weeks before her wedding.

To Add Or Not To Add & Sweetheart Neckline To A Wedding Dress Reason #3  - A Unique Wedding Dress Is Always Remembered.

It is far better to find a dress that a bride absolutely loves that is within her budget, and then add a sweetheart neckline than to purchase a dress that is too expensive just because it has all of the elements a bride wants.

Part of feeling comfortable in your wedding dress is being comfortable with the cost of the wedding dress and the cost of bridal alterations. Many brides fall in love with a dress not only for how it flatters their figure but also for finding a bargain that with just a little alteration, adding a sweetheart neckline for example, will look even more flattering!

Many brides love the how a sweetheart neckline for lack of a better expression “made their boobs look better” Brides also report that adding a sweetheart neckline to a wedding dress definitely adds more curves and shape to any wedding gown.

To Add or Not To Add A Sweetheart Neckline To The Wedding Dress – Creating a Unique Custom Wedding Dress

Adding a sweetheart neckline to a wedding gown can help a bride feel more beautiful and special as all eyes are on her dress as she walks down the aisle. An exotic, custom wedding gown is almost always remembered…. Not to mention the stunning photos a bride will cherish for a lifetime. The more unique a wedding dress is, the higher the likelihood that the wedding dress will be preserved as an heirloom dress for the brides own daughters one day!

Of course, a talented seamstress can add dramatic lines to any wedding gown adding style and personality to the dress. Brides that want a more romantic wedding or even a more chic wedding that is sassy and opulent will almost always love fine detail work on a well-crafted sweetheart neckline… A stunning bride certainly is one that is creative, fun and intriguing. Bridesmaids and guests will often comment on how fantastic a wedding dress truly is, expressing their approval with questions of “who designed your dress…?”

This example from real clients is almost always a great feeling for an independent designer and seamstress. It is an equally rewarding experience for the intelligent bride that does the research necessary to explore other options outside of just “settling” for whatever service level a retail wedding store provides.

Add A Sweetheart Neckline To A Wedding Dress For More Romantic Chic Look - A Local Phoenix Seamstress Like Touch Of Class Alterations Offers 7-10 Day Turnaround For Less - No Fitting Fees Ever!

Add A Sweetheart Neckline To Your Wedding Dress For More Romantic Chic Look - A Local Phoenix Seamstress Like Touch Of Class Alterations Offers 7-10 Day Turnaround For Less - No Fitting Fees Ever!

While it is true that there are many exceptional wedding dress stores with great alterations departments, this is often the exception and not the rule. More often than realized, brides encounter high, unexpected prices for altering their wedding dress the way they truly want it at an expensive bridal shop or wedding store in phoenix. If a bride truly wants to make a statement on her wedding day, this almost always will require hiring a wedding dress designer or seamstress with a great level of experience and a highly developed skillset.

When hiring a seamstress ask for references and photos of their work. Remember that part of altering a gown and adding a sweetheart neckline is knowing how to deconstruct the reconstruct the support and structure of a wedding dress… this way the dress is even more comfortable and supports the new design elements.

An example of this is an experienced seamstress should be able to make a corset lace up style with boning and a high quality bodice from scratch. A talented seamstress will also be able to do the fine detail application work, removing beading, stones and applications and then reapplying them in the original pattern on the wedding dress. Many brides have come to the author with alterations done to their dress that were done incorrectly or with substandard materials.

Touch Of Class Bridal Alterations recommends in order to add a sweetheart neckline, to redesign underlying structure in the bodice and remove/reapply applications and beading… A talented seamstress will need to pay close attention to fine details.

To Add or Not To Add A Sweetheart Neckline to The Wedding Dress – The Finish

The finish of the look should be as flattering as the fit and comfort of the design. If a bride feels the urge to “tug” her strapless gown, or if the neckline is itchy or uneven, this is an example of shoddy work on the bridal stores part. Again, for a wedding dress to truly be memorable, it should make a bride feel luxurious and comfortable. There should be no “bridal tug” because the wedding dress should be custom fitted in the bodice and neckline. The structure of the wedding dress bodice should exceed the original manufacturer’s skill level resulting in a more comfortable design.

Another example of why adding a sweetheart neckline can create a truly unique and memorable wedding dress, is the combination of adding a well fitted, and strong lace up corset. A well designed and fitted corset should be comfortable allowing a bride to “take in” her waistline while accentuating her bustline and curvy features.

Almost any bride, regardless of cups size, can accentuate their figure, smooth their torso (so no bulges are evident in the wedding day photos of the bodice) and add detail and emphasis on areas that a bride wants to be seen, like a sweetheart neckline area that is perhaps further adorned with some bridal jewelry, a tiara or a veil A great seamstress is comfortable with the slow painstaking process of converting a simple less dramatic neckline, into a fiery, ravishing sweetheart neckline shape, bedazzled with swarosvki, beading, rhinestones or simple elegant lace work and applications.

Many wedding dress designers and seamstress wear special magnifying glasses with lenses when doing detailed beadwork. This is in order to keep symmetry and style of the applications at acceptable standards of quality. This is one area where many alterations shops and bridal stores fall short as they are pressed for time by their own dress orders and time tables they have given brides.

If you have decided to do your bridal alterations to your wedding dress at the bridal store alterations department, make sure to request references and ask to see a dress that has been made into a sweetheart neckline. That way you can see what the finished quality and attention to detail looks like. You will also need to look inside the wedding dress to see if the bodice was structured, cups were added or how they supported the new bust line of the gown.

Adding a sweetheart neckline to a dress properly requires adding boning in many cases to the bodice, especially for bustier brides that want to show cleavage… This is extremely important in order for a bride to feel comfortable and supported with a strapless wedding dress. A bride should also inquire about adding cups or options for a supportive bra to work well with a sweetheart neckline. A bride should also be open to using some two sided tape to add support and prevent any low cut sweetheart designs from becoming a dress failure. Runways models, actresses and brides use bridal tape in order to keep a sweetheart neckline perfect during the wedding ceremony, photos and reception. A great design is still protected and enhanced with the proper bra, cups and invisible tape to ensure a picture perfect special day every time.

To Add or Not To Add A Sweetheart Neckline to The Wedding Dress – Tips

One bride that was extremely busty commented online that she was surprised that no wedding gown can be guaranteed to lie perfect on the bust line, when a low cut sweetheart or “deep v” is incorporated in 2012 wedding dress styles.  This bride didn’t like the idea of her seamstress recommending using “tape” in addition to the careful design of her corset, sweetheart neckline and bra choice (no bra in this case just cups) What can be learned from this is that alterations for more dramatic styles on busty brides are almost always complimented by taking the advice of a knowledgeable seamstress or wedding planner, all of which that recommend using bridal tape in addition to adding a sweetheart neckline for a memorable, unique wedding dress!

In addition as mentioned earlier, some wedding dresses will have fabric and a cut or silhouette that requires adding boning, a corset and even cups to fully support a sweetheart neckline for each bride’s body type and shape…. :)

A Local Phoenix Wedding Dress Designer Can Alter A Wedding Dress To Create Just About Any Look A Bride Wants For Her Phoenix Wedding

A Local Phoenix Wedding Dress Designer Can Alter A Wedding Dress To Create Just About Any Look A Bride Wants For Her Phoenix Wedding

This multi-faceted approach to the structuring of a wedding gown can be costly when adding a sweetheart neckline, especially at regular busy bridal shops and wedding dress retail chain stores. It is a good idea to get a quote from an independent seamstress and wedding dress designer in order to save the most on multiple alterations when adding a sweetheart neckline for a more dramatic look.

Many brides report having better attention to detail, lower pricing and better more personalized service by working with an independent phoenix seamstress. So when it comes to creating a look they’ll never forget on your wedding day, consider all of the options including more personalized service at an independent designer or seamstress :)

This way a bride can actually get her alterations done up to 90 days in advance of her wedding at prices that are up to 50% less than more expensive high overhead wedding stores and bridal shops. A bride should never feel rushed or that her questions were forgotten or not answered fully during a bridal fitting. It’s actually very common for a bridal shop or wedding store to fail to adequately take the proper amount time to address all of a brides concerns or questions.

This is always due to the fact that many stores have more sales persons than they have seamstresses. A great bridal shop will always explain all of the best alterations options that a bride should consider when deciding on making changes that require extensive alterations to a wedding dress. A bride should always be given the option of restyling her wedding dress so she can truly feel unique and special on her wedding day! After all, your wedding is an event, if not the event you will remember for the rest of your life!

Don’t settle for less than working with a patient, kind and knowledgeable seamstress that offers quality and pricing that doesn’t break your bank or your budget. And never settle for a wedding dress that is uncomfortable after the alterations have been done somewhere. I cannot stress enough the importance of a bride feeling comfortable in her wedding dress. If you don’t feel comfortable in your wedding dress after the alterations have been done, then how can you feel comfortable during your wedding ceremony, photo shoot and reception?

To Add or Not To Add A Sweetheart Neckline to The Wedding Dress – Sewing & Alterations

Altering or sewing a wedding dress is more than just sewing a hem or adding straps… It often requires restructuring a wedding dress to add a sweetheart neckline properly, for example….

In fact most of the most common wedding dress alterations (adding a corset, adding a sweetheart neck line, resizing a bodice, changing hem length etc.,) do require the skill of an experienced and exceptional seamstress…. to do it right :)

To Add or Not To Add A Sweetheart Neckline to the Wedding Dress – Conclusion

In order to ensure a picture perfect wedding day without any wedding dress disasters or mishaps… it is best to meet with and interview a seamstress first to determine their experience level and comfort with doing more elaborate wedding dress alterations.

A bride should be totally comfortable when standing, sitting, dancing or walking in her wedding gown. Finding the perfect fit that flatters while fitting your budget is an art form all it itself. And it all starts with finding a seamstress or designer that you are completely comfortable with.

Make sure to inquire about the cost of adding a sweetheart neckline to a wedding gown before you decide to purchase it at a retail wedding dress store. If the prices are too high for your budget to add a sweetheart neckline, alter a hem, add straps etc, then make sure to interview a local seamstress and compare prices and level of service. Another great way to verify if a store or seamstress is a good value it to head over to Wedding Wire and look up their online reviews. Wedding Wire is a bridal website that verifies all of their reviews to make sure they are written by actual brides.

For Local Phoenix Brides:

Read online reviews to compare a local phoenix seamstress to an in-house alterations dept. of a bridal shop or wedding gown store. This way you can see if you will get better service going with an independent seamstress in the phoenix area. Use your intuition at the store too. Look around and see how brides are being handled after the wedding dress purchase. Many brides do get great service at a wedding store or bridal boutique, but sadly some brides are left waiting for their fittings. Make sure you are completely comfortable with the alterations service, price and quality of work before making your final decision on where you will have your bridal party alterations and wedding dress alterations done.

And remember…. altering your wedding dress and getting fitted should be fun!

A bride should never feel rushed during her bridal fittings and alterations experience…  Bring Mom of bride, bridesmaids and friends for support to your fittings :) And work with a seamstress you are comfortable with! Good luck in your search for the perfect wedding dress. Like many brides, you may just decide to add a sweetheart neckline to that almost perfect dress. And when that time comes, if you do your due diligence and decide to come in for a free bridal fitting… I’ll be here to help :)

Mari Is A Local Phoenix Wedding Dress Designer & Seamstress

Mari Is A Local Phoenix Wedding Dress Designer & Seamstress -Call Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations For All Of Your Bridal Alterations Needs -For A Free Bridal Fitting Today


About the Author

Touch of Class Bridal Alterations is owned by Mari Torres.in Phoenix AZ Mari has 26 years of experience in bridal fashion and custom wedding dress design.

Book a free bridal fitting or custom dress / restyle consultation today on the Touch of Class Bridal & Alterations website convenient online scheduling calendar today….

2012 local wedding dress designer phoenix offers wedding dress restyling and custom wedding gown designs

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations A 2012 Local Phoenix Wedding Dress Designer Phoenix Offers Wedding Dress Restyling & Custom Wedding Gown Designs

2012 Wedding Dress Alterations , Dress Restyling & Bridal Alterations Tips Phoenix

2012 is looking to wind up becoming a chic and trendy year for both trendy classic and renaissance weddings. In are glitz and glamour, over the top wedding-themes, fairy tale-like soft pastels, and dreamy, vibrant colors that are as captivating as they are ostentatious…

2011 saw the marked influence of the Royal family wedding, that consumed the medias attention and certainly created a return to the romantic renaissance.

Current wedding dress styles for 2012 embrace sheer lace covered necklines, longer laced corsets, sashes and of course they royal family influenced longer sleeve lengths set against princess and empire waistlines….

Once again  sweetheart necklines and strapless numbers are expected to be eclipsed by trendier and more risque’ single strap designs that incorporate, lace illusion-silk lace necklines, sweeping, low sweetheart-v necklines and even backless wedding dresses with lace faux modesty panels…

As always, wedding gowns are anticipated to exhibit even more daring style choices that are bolder more dramatic and sexier. Even though some brides are opting for less dramatic ensembles and wedding themes that harken back to yesteryear, the 2011 trend for sexy chic and low cut necklines apparently has been held over for another year as evidenced by many over the top weddings already in 2012…

There certainly seems already to be a onward march towards more cleavage! Although some articles and 2012 wedding dress style predictions forecast elegance and sophisticated chic wedding dress styles ….  it seems that once again, sexier wedding gown lines…. and more dramatic custom gowns seem to be all the rage….

Certainly in New York and Los Angeles high profile weddings have proven that sexy, chic and flirty styles are making a big comeback over 2011 wedding dress trends. With this in mind, don’t be surprised to find many of these more daring, flamboyant styles at your local bridal salon, boutique or national bridal shop chain store.

2012 Wedding Dress Alterations , Dress Restyling & Bridal Alterations Tips Phoenix – Current Wedding Dress Trends

The current motto for 2012 evidently seems to be “more is more” as wedding dresses are incorporating more bedazzled Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, beads and applications…. Boleros that have lace trim adorned with glittery beads and charms are also popular for 2012.

Likewise, wedding venues are being decorated with bolder, more opulent decor and fun, sexy wedding themes. One characteristic of these more opulent wedding trends for 2012, is the advent of more expensive fine linens, jeweled floral arrangements and centerpieces that look like they cost a fortune to create….

Wedding Florists are reporting more and more requests for grander, more detailed flowers arrangements and bedazzled wedding-bouquets that are full of lace, ribbons, glitter and overall bling… Multi-layered wedding table centerpieces and fountains and ice carvings are also intriguing contrasts that add style, charm and opulence to what is already looking to be a year of record setting wedding themes.

Nostalgic and old-world trends will continue you be seen, along with bolder more extravagant wedding decor. For brides and grooms that want to truly create a memorable wedding with all of the glitz and glamour of a by-gone era, without the hefty price tag…. Newer do it yourself options are popping up all over the country.

Hiring A Local Seamstress Or Wedding Dress Designer Can Help To Create The Custom Look You Envision For Your Own Unique Dream Wedding Dress

Hiring A Local Seamstress Or Wedding Dress Designer Can Help To Create The Custom Look You Envision For Your Own Unique Dream Wedding Dress

2012 Wedding Dress Alterations , Dress Restyling & Bridal Alterations Tips Phoenix – DIY Wedding Ideas

These newer DIY ideas incorporate the use of budget materials that are arranged and handled by visionary wedding planners, florists, cake makers, caterers, artists and decorators. With unique wedding dress trends that are more glitz and glamour also comes more diversification in the wedding theme.

This over the top charm has led to more freedom in choosing the dress for the mom of bride, bridesmaids and flower girls. certainly one aspect of this new found freedom and wedding theme diversity is the openness to creating great contrasts…

Brides are actually requesting that their bridesmaids were different length dresses, different styles and even different heels. Likewise, groomsmen are wearing different vests, jackets and cuff links.

One thing is for sure, 2012 weddings will never be boring or predictable. Guests literally be in wonderment at what is around the next corner at many wedding receptions in 2012.

With the advent of bolder riskier diversity in wedding theme decor, comes the responsibility to still have a cohesive way to put everything together with a flair for practicality and detail.

Just like finding the perfect furniture that doesn’t have to match, yet looks fabulous in a model home, 2012 wedding dress themes and local phoenix wedding venues, will truly shine with breathtaking diversity and vibrant color.

With everything coming together, polished like a diamond, 2012 is looking to be a grand spectacle of opulence. Couples are choosing more freedom with their wedding theme, making it more creative and fun, instead of traditional formal weddings in 2012 nuptials.

Brides are dressing themselves in sparkly lace filled vintage style gowns that  are adorned more freely with bling. Even brides on a budget, are finding creative ways to add diversity and entertaining charm to their wedding day. It all starts of course, with thee wedding dress…

2012 Wedding Dress Alterations , Dress Restyling & Bridal Alterations Tips Phoenix - Thee Wedding Dress

Ever since Kim Kardashian wore her strapless jeweled wedding gown, many brides have leaned to more glamour and less reserved styles. However, in 2012 invisilace necklines, empire waistlines and deep v-neck sweetheart numbers covered with random beads and custom stonework are all the rage….

More brides are visiting local wedding dress designers to have their wedding dresses restyled, adding custom applications, custom jewel covered or sequined straps and especially custom wedding veils that contrast their wedding dress.

Wedding dresses such as those from Demetrios and Maggie Sottero are also following suit with custom corset backs, asymmetrical ruching, flowers, rhinestones, custom beadwork and detail along the hemline of the dress…

2012 Wedding Dress Alterations , Dress Restyling & Bridal Alterations Tips Phoenix – Conclusion

With tons of new 2012 Wedding Dress Theme Ideas, Style Choices and Spring Looks, many brides are excited about the diversity and freedom they have to make their wedding day truly unique…

One way to ensure your own special day, is less stressful, more fun and more exciting is to recruit the help of a wedding dress designer or local seamstress to help create your own custom wedding dress, custom veil, custom bolero jacket, sashes, gloves, ring pillows, bridesmaid dresses or just about any formalwear or bridal wear alterations needed for your entire bridal party.

Save up to 50% on custom wedding dresses and wedding dress restyling. Plus save up to 70% off bridal alterations including hemming a wedding dress, adding a corset back, taking in the bodice of a dress, adding sleeves or lace, removing or adding a train, and many other wedding gown alterations with Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations in Phoenix, AZ.

For more information on having a wedding dress custom designed with an independent local wedding dress designer, please visit the Touch of Class Bridal & Alterations Phoenix Website.

About The Author

Mari Torres Wedding Dress Designer & Seamstress Phoenix AZ

Mari Torres Wedding Dress Designer & Seamstress Phoenix AZ

Mari Torres is a local phoenix wedding dress designer and seamstress with 26 years experience. Mari was the lead seamstress for stores like Davids Bridal and The Wedding Accessory Superstore for over 7 years before starting her own business full time in 2005.

Touch of Class Bridal & Alterations offers wedding dress designs and bridal party alterations for up to 50% off retail bridal shops and wedding stores in phoenix.

See the difference having more personalized service and longer bridal fitting and consultation times make. Save for your dream wedding without the cost of bridal alterations and wedding attire getting out of hand.

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations has helped thousands of brides in the greater Phoenix, AZ area and many all over the country with custom wedding dress designs, bridal alterations and wedding dress restyling…
The Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations Website offers a convenient online scheduling system and calendar to book a free bridal fitting or wedding dress consultation today.
Visit Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations Phoenix For A Free Bridal First Fitting Today!

2012 why hire a local seamstress

Want To Save On Your 2012 Dream Wedding? Read These Tips On Why Hiring A Local Seamstress Can Save Money For Your Wedding & Honeymoon!

Why Hire A Local Phoenix Seamstress For Your Dream Phoenix Wedding?

It’s a pity that weddings are usually associated with rampant and excessive overspending…

Going over budget with expenses and having to spend a huge chunk of your life savings on your phoenix wedding, can cause financial strains to say the least.

Dream weddings are usually described as ostentatious. Dream weddings also usually mean both an expensive wedding and an expensive dress…

But how about the majority of us brides who also want to have a dream wedding… but just can’t afford a dress from a Paris couture house?

How about us brides who don’t want to spend too much, on an extravagant wedding so we may have money left for the marriage eventually?

How about us brides who don’t want to spend our entire life savings on a dress and alterations with a hefty price tag? These were questions that I had pondered, when I had accepted my then-boyfriend’s proposal to get married three years ago…

I felt it was simply just unfair that I couldn’t get the dream wedding dress I wanted just because I lived in Phoenix, AZ which is very far from major fashion houses… What’s more, I didn’t have a lot of money to burn on just a dress… I didn’t believe in having to borrow money and suffer the consequences of high interest rates just because I wanted a dress I couldn’t afford.

I believed in an ideal wedding, a dream wedding dress without having to live above my means. Well, that was three years ago and I did get my dream wedding. It was a dream wedding brought to life and it was perfect for my budget. And how about my wedding dress? No, it wasn’t a giant monstrosity of a dress that I got from some thrift store. It was instead, a dreamy masterpiece that could definitely pass off as couture. And the best thing about it? Let’s just say it costs 70% lesser than what it would’ve cost.

Just a word of advice to beautiful brides out there who want to have a perfect wedding dress:

Try A Local Phoenix Seamstress!

With the right seamstress, you’ll get more personalized attention, longer appt. times for your bridal fittings and better service while never feeling “rushed”  out of a store…

Plus I am a perfect example that proves you can save up to 70% off what most busy phoenix bridal stores charge.

bridal alterations phoenix hire a local seamstress 5 tips

Read These 5 Tips To Save Big On Your 2012 Phoenix Wedding

Why Hire A Local Phoenix Seamstress? Reason #1

It can be much more affordable than going into expensive fashion houses.

Major fashion houses and bridal boutiques can charge thousands and thousands on a mediocre dress.

A local seamstress, on the other hand, can charge so much less on a wedding dress that you really want.

A local phoenix seamstress can also do bridal alterations for far less than most tailor shops and bridal shops.
I saved over 50% off the so-called lowest price I was quoted at a west side Alterations business that I went to. This store had employees that wouldn’t give me their name and walked out to help me like zombies.

I was surprised that so many people continue to pay so much for such mediocre service.

I’m sorry, but price isn’t the only factor I have when shopping for a wedding dress and bridal alterations….

How about Alterations Service with a smile? Is that too much to ask?

What I encountered at the west side alterations and tailoring business I went to, was simply another example of yet another alterations store where the seamstress was overworked and underpaid.

She looked TIRED when she came out and never smiled. Her clothes were disheveled and everyone in the store looked exhausted. No one welcomed me or sounded encouraging at all. It was just mundane routine… Change into your dress here the lady with a hunchback stated…

I inquired “whom would be working on my wedding dress” and received the reply: ” Any of us can take care of it….it just depends who gets to it first…” You can change in there…”

She pointed to a tiny cramped changing room on dirty tile floor… But before I was about cram into my mom’s wedding dress in there… I asked again who I would be working with… and the same reply was given…. “Anyone here can help you…”

Again, no names were given and never even a smile was cracked…

I decided right then, regardless of the lower price than the previous bridal alterations departments I had been to at David’s and an expensive bridal boutique…. that I would continue my search to get my wedding dress restyled… and bridal alterations done elsewhere…

wedding dress alterations phoenix scottsdale az

Hire A Local Phoenix - Scottsdale Seamstress That Has Tons Of Reviews That Prove Her Work Is Both Affordable & Exceptional

Thank God I found Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations and Mari, an incredible local phoenix seamstress that is so patient and kind…

Mari is always excited for you and happy to help each bride or bridesmaid. She really makes every person feel comfortable and it shows…

I found Mari’s prices to be over 70% off what I would have paid at an expensive wedding dress store in Scottsdale on both the dress and the bridal alterations.

And Mari, always greets her customers with a warm smile regardless if it is the first fitting or second… She has great attention to detail.

Mari has about 8 wedding dresses always on display that showcase her work on mannequins.

The dresses are always changing and she sells a lot of custom gowns to many brides that came in with a dress that they weren’t happy with…

This is because Mari’s prices for a custom gown or redesign are extremely low, starting around just $600

Mari can make a custom design or restyle any wedding dress, as she did for me with my mom’s dress.

Mari also shows you her equipment which are all industrial top of the line overlock sewing machines. Mari has over 25 years experience and works hard to keep all of her customers extremely happy.

Mari recently underwent laser heart surgery for clearing an artery and many of her customers were worried to death of losing her, because she does ALL of their family formal and bridal alterations. Mari was back to work within days of returning home. She is that dedicated.

Mari will even give you the names of her customers and she works on referrals all the time. Mari gets a lot of business from the internet because so many of her customers leave glowing reviews for her.

Mari Also Offers Bridesmaid Dress Alterations

Touch Of Class Alterations Offers Free Bridesmaid Dress Fittings & Bridesmaid Discounts On Alterations For Groups

Mari can make flower girl dresses, mother of bride dresses, bridesmaid dresses, custom wedding veils and much more.

She can make bow ties and tuxedos from scratch. She can do sashes, lace sleeves, gloves, garter, veils and make anything that has to do with formal wear.

Once I read Mari’s reviews online, I knew I had to come in for a free wedding dress consultation.

I read plenty of helpful tips on Mari’s blog because I kept finding both her website and phoenix wedding dress alterations blog all over Google on the top pages.

I read about the horror stories many brides go thru with their wedding dress alterations and was determined to save money and avoid unnecessary stress before my wedding.

So I went on the Touch Of Class Alterations website and used the 24 hour scheduling calendar to book an appointment for a free bridal fitting. I was educated by the great articles on Mari’s blog and there were so many great photos that gave me dress ideas. Her blog truly looks fantastic and is always updated, even though Mari is always busy helping brides and bridesmaids.

From what I read on her blog, I knew that the most important thing for a bride to remember…. is that before you buy a wedding dress anywhere, make sure you know exactly what the alterations will cost at that particular store.

Also, look to see if there are tons of brides waiting and getting poor service after they bought their wedding gown. If a busy retail bridal store or chain store is overloaded, quite often it’s easy to spot the alterations department and the level of service they provide to their customers. At David’s, I witnessed a bride in tears that her dress was still not ready and that the seamstress was very short with her.

I have seen brides perplexed by the price tag when paying for their alterations, standing there in total shock looking at the bill… I left that store pretty quick. I have also seen brides wandering the store with little assistance while other clerks were too busy.

phoenix wedding dress bridal alterations seamstress phoenix

Phoenix Wedding Dress Alterations For Less - Isn't it About Time You Checked Out A Local Seamstress?

I knew I wanted better service than that. I also knew that I had a unique goal for my dress.

In my case, what I did was to use my mother’s heirloom wedding gown, which was this very out-dated 80’s wedding gown that had huge puff sleeves and a poufy skirt which was just wrong for my body type.

But it had a great corset… Mari redesigned the corset adding stronger loops and making a custom lace back that made the back look stunning….

And she did the corset for only $90!

I used my mom’s dress as a base for the wedding dress that I had envisioned. I had Mari remove the sleeves and add a sweetheart neckline…

Mari also fixed the hem length for only $90 and the whole bill came to less than $250 which was over 70% off… what two other stores wanted…

And her price was also  50% less than the “Night of the Living Dead” Alterations shop I visited before…. lol

I know a lot of brides out there would actually love to be able to wear their moms wedding dress…. if only it looked more modern and could be done at the right price… That’s where working with a local seamstress like Mari, really can help.

More budget brides could do this because a lot of our mothers have actually kept their wedding dresses and have painstakingly preserved them so that they could pass it on to their children.

Well, my mom was indeed very, very happy that I found use of her dress :) She came with me to my bridal fittings with Mari and subsequent dress consultations, all the way to the final fitting. Where did I get my mom’s wedding dress altered?

What I did was bring my mom’s wedding dress to Touch of Class Alterations, a local seamstress in Phoenix, AZ, along with the fashion-forward design that I wanted the dress to have. Would you believe I spent 70% less than what I would have spent, had I insisted to have a totally new dress with the same exact new design I had asked for?

Why Hire a Local Phoenix Seamstress? Reason #2

You need not go far. It is amazing what the internet can do. When I had actually looked up for a highly recommended local seamstress in Phoenix, AZ, I immediately kept finding Touch of Class Alterations in the search results. Mari, the owner and seamstress at Touch of Class, has tons of positive reviews online because she does exceptional work at prices that commercial wedding stores can’t beat.

Mari had a lot of satisfied customers and I just knew they were the right people to go with. And the best thing was, when I looked up their address, it was just two blocks from my work place!

This was perfect for me since I didn’t have to go far for my fittings to be done to ensure my dress was the perfect fit.

Why Hire A Local Phoenix Seamstress? Reason #3

Local seamstresses can offer custom bridal couture at a more affordable price. This is especially true. The reason why couture is expensive is because they are masters at custom-made gowns.

They are able to get the gown to fit flawlessly to enhance the wearer’s assets and accentuate what they want. Couture houses also have tastefully designed wedding dresses. However, aren’t these things possible with your local seamstress?

I know Touch of Class Alterations can offer this because Mari is a master seamstress and wedding dress designer with 25 years experience. Mari has over 100 reviews all positive on wedding wire, merchant circle and the wedding channel.com combined.

Why Hire A Local Phoenix Seamstress? Reason #4

A local seamstress specializing in gowns, especially wedding gowns, would follow a bride’s instructions or specifications on a particular dress. You can’t expect a well-known designer to follow what you want to the letter. Designers create fashion in which the wearers are the ambassadors of their design portfolio.

Don’t you want a dress of your very own, with your own specifications? I believe that is what a dream wedding dress should be. And it takes an extremely patient wedding dress seamstress to make your dream a reality that is affordable.

Touch Of Class made my dream wedding a reality because I could finally afford the wedding dress of my dreams!

Finding A Friendly & Helpful Seamstress Can Save Both Money & Stress Before Your Phoenix Wedding

A Local Seamstress Can Save Both Money & Stress Before Your Phoenix Wedding :) Touch Of Class Owner Mari Makes Custom Wedding Veils & Custom Wedding Gowns For Less :) Also Brides Save Up To 70% On Bridal Alterations By Visiting A Local Phoenix Seamstress :)

Why Hire A Local Phoenix Seamstress? Reason #5

Lastly, I must have to say that you need not go far to get the best wedding dress. Help promote local business and create your very own design you can be proud of and love like I did :)

Be proud of a design you can really call your own.

A local seamstress can help you create a one-of-a-kind wedding dress that will be long remembered by your guests.

Truly, a dream wedding is made up of all the things that you want in particular.

So why not visit a local phoenix seamstress to compare her level of service and price to the busy, national bridal chain stores?

You’ll soon discover there is a reason why hundreds  of brides have recommended local seamstresses like Mari and Touch Of Class Alterations…

The number one thing is… each bride deserves to have her vision respected. And nobody knows the perfect wedding gown better for you than your own self.

Never settle for a store that steers you away from an idea, or tells you a particular re-design or dress restyle is “too expensive” With a local phoenix wedding dress seamstress and designer, you can get any alterations or wedding dress restyle done for up to 70% less than a high overhead high priced bridal boutique or wedding dress store.

Brides can also save more at a local seamstress that works from a home studio compared to an expensive tailor shop or alterations shop where the prices are still higher, and the service is often lacking that personal touch and caring smile that only a dedicated wedding dress designer and seamstress that focuses solely on bridal fashion can offer.

You see, most alterations shops, sewing stores, and tailors are busy hemming jeans, pants, and jackets. Since they offer a wider array of services, many times the level of focus and attention to detail on complicated bridal alterations is lacking. Its always best to make sure you FEEL comfortable with the person that will be actually working on your wedding dress.

Did they answer all of your questions? Did they listen completely to what you envision for you wedding dress? And most important, do they guarantee their work and your total satisfaction regardless of price in writing?

I found that with Mari I had all of my questions answered and received a written guarantee of completion date. Again, many stores won’t guarantee when your dress will be done. Mari guarantees most alterations will be completed within 7 business days, unless it is a custom design or restyle which she can have done in a few weeks.

At Touch Of Class Alterations, I received service with a smile and Mari was always friendly and quick to explain all of the alterations she recommended and why she recommended each option. Her prices on a french bustle are ridiculously low compared to every other store I went to…. And Touch Of Class Alterations also gives extra discounts for multiple alterations and groups if you bring your bridesmaids.

Mari never charged me a $20 fitting fee like many of the alterations shops and bridal stores wanted to either.

Mari Seamstress Touch Of Class Alterations Phoenix

Mari Is A Local Phoenix Wedding Dress Designer & Seamstress That Never Charges A Fitting Fee For Any Wedding Dress Consultation Or Bridal Fitting

Why Hire A Local Phoenix Seamstress For Your Dream Phoenix Wedding Conclusion:

I can’t tell you how good a feeling it is to have a seamstress that treats you like family working on your wedding dress. But don’t take my word for it….

Read the hundreds of reviews Mari has received from her happy brides and customers on Merchant Circle, Wedding Wire, The Knot and Dex Knows.


Judy :)

For more information and to book an appt with Mari using her convenient online scheduling calendar go to:

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations Phoenix Website

Bride & Her Bridesmaids Can Save Big On Wedding Dress 7 Bridal Alterations In Phoenix At Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations

A Phoenix Bride & Her Bridesmaids Can Save Big On Wedding Dress & Bridal Alterations In Phoenix At Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations

Your phoenix wedding day is a one of a kind occasion where only the best will do. With this in mind, likewise only the best wedding dress will do… This is key for an unforgettable phoenix wedding day with perfect pictures. In addition, the bridesmaids dresses must also be immaculate and match the wedding day theme…

However if you’re a phoenix bride that is working within a limited budget, you need to save money wherever you can too…

What should a phoenix bride on a budget do to save money on her wedding?

One unexpected expense that many brides to be do not consider, is the need for bridesmaid & wedding dress alterations.

Understanding how to save on wedding dress alterations will help the budget strapping bride make the best choice for a fabulous wedding dress.

There are many different ways that a wedding dress may need to be altered. And… the cost for bridal alterations can quickly skyrocket…causing you to leave your carefully planned phoenix wedding budget in the dust. One of the most common types of alterations needed is for the wedding dress hem which usually starts at $120 and can go up to $350.

However by following a few guidelines, it is possible to save on your wedding dress alterations. For example, a local phoenix seamstress may do a perfect wedding dress hem for only $80

When selecting your wedding gown, it may be tempting choose something over the top and elaborate. As the saying goes “the bigger, the better.” However, if you are planning a phoenix wedding on a small budget, sometimes the simpler the dress, the classier the look.

phoenix bridesmaid dress alterations

Phoenix Weddings Require Bridal Alterations For Bride & Her Bridesmaids Dresses - Get A Free Quote At Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations , A Local Phoenix Seamstress & Wedding Dress Designer.

In fact, this is one of the main ways to save on wedding dress alterations.

If you have not yet bought your wedding dress but are considering a few different options, then you may want to give some thought to purchasing a wedding dress with simple lines that will only need to be shortened at the hem and taken in at the seams.

On the other hand if you have purchased an intricate wedding dress with bodice bead-work and hand sewn details, wedding dress alterations will be a bit more complex.

Many brides may even have to have the wedding dress partially deconstructed or restyled to get exactly the right look and fit that flatters…

If you are working with an extremely small budget, many brides consider hiring a student from a fashion school.

Fashion design students are eager to practice their trade and if you post fliers for senior level designers to work on your dress, you may find a good price…

However, due to the complexity of today’s wedding gowns and their construction, most brides will want to hire an extremely experienced wedding dress designer or seamstress that guarantees their work so a phoenix bride will be absolutely delighted with the results.

Fashion design students have been specifically trained in seamstress work, tailoring or simple dress alterations, but they may not have exclusive training in bridal alterations and wedding dress fabrics.

In addition, for many brides it may be nerve-wracking to entrust their wedding dress alterations to anyone except a professional seamstress, let alone an inexperienced student, although brides have been doing this for years. There are practicing student dentistry schools, barber schools, cosmetology schools and many more…

However, before making use of a lower experience student… whose ability may be limited to areas other than bridal, it is best to do your due diligence and check into other options, like visiting a local wedding dress seamstress. Either way, thinking outside the box and local phoenix retail bridal shop for wedding dress alterations can end up saving you big bucks in the long run on your phoenix day costs.

Oftentimes when doing a fitting for an alteration, you may not be wearing the shoes that you will wear on your wedding day. This can affect the length of your wedding dress being completely accurate.

To ensure that your wedding dress is altered to the correct length the first time around, make sure to bring the right shoes to your bridal fitting and be sure to check out a local phoenix wedding dress seamstress. If your wedding shoes have not arrived yet, just bring a shoe with the same height as your planned wedding shoes. The same is true for the bodice of your dress.

phoenix wedding dress and wedding gown alterations

Choose A Local Wedding Gown Designer & Seamstress For Savings Up To 70% Off Phoenix Bridal Stores & Wedding Dress Shops

If you are planning to wear a slip underneath your dress or some other type of lingerie, this will affect how tight the bodice needs to be. When having your measurements calculated with a local phoenix seamstress make sure to wear your slip underneath on the day of your bridal fitting.

Following these guidelines can help you save money by avoiding your alterations to have to be done twice.

Another great way to save on wedding dress alterations is by using the services of a designated alterations company.

Not only will you receive the highest quality in service, but you will also be able to take advantage of their competitive prices since they have lower operation costs and lower overhead.

Large chain bridal stores usually have set prices based on their large advertising costs and although they may have bargain dresses, they usually don’t discount their bridal alteration services.

By using a company that specializes on alterations, such as Touch of Class Alterations In Phoenix, Arizona, you can receive quality alterations that won’t break your budget.

The fact is that wedding days are truly one of the most enchanting and memorable occasions of our lives.

Having a perfect wedding dress is a veritable requirement of having the perfect wedding day.

By following the aforementioned guidelines, you will be able to save on bridesmaid dress and wedding dress alterations while still looking spectacular on your special day :)

For more information visit:

Touch Of Class Alterations Phoenix

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations Phoenix AZ Offers Demetrios Gowns & Dress Restyling Services

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations Offers Bridal Alterations & Dress Restyling For Demetrios Wedding Dresses

The upcoming Wedding Dress Trends for 2012 are quite striking with stunning colors that transcend the color palette of 2011. The much anticipated arrival of the latest wedding dress designer trends hit the US with bridal fashion shows that debuted many stunning a line, ball gown and mermaid styles complete with enhanced tulle, organza, and lace.

In addition to more elaborate asymmetrical styles and contrasting lace and tulle embellishments, the latest bridal fashions also promise a hint of glamour that harkens back to softer less dramatic prohibition era elegance.

With sequined empire waist-lines, swarovski crystal bedazzled bodices and gorgeous sweetheart necklines, the latest wedding dress fashion trends for 2012 are truly a welcome breath of fresh air compared to the flashy more dramatic lower cut necklines that show what many brides considered in retrospect to be “too much” cleavage on their wedding day.

With this softer more captivating look, the latest strapless wedding dress styles and gowns  offer a newly envisioned “softer” elegance, that is reminiscent of a by-gone era from the 1920’s.

Strapless wedding dresses with illusion net, silk and lace sleeves abound, while other form fitting wedding dress silhouettes like mermaid, Cinderella and trumpet have evolved into higher concept, more passionate designs which showcase more elaborate trim and more conservative and elegant lines.

In addition, romantic glass beadwork, silk modesty panels on corsets and silver lace and swarovski crystal applications are visually intriguing and will make any bride feel truly special on her special day …

The spring 2012 lineup consists of many inspiring wedding dress fashions, but one of the most innovative and compelling is the illusion net neckline that creates a softer more conservative yet  sultry look for any bride to be. It’s both a trendy and more elegant way for 2011 and 2012 brides to create a sexy yet classy sophisticated look that revisits the subtle elegance of the past…

When it comes to creating inspiring wedding dress styles and custom one of a kind creations, many brides consider either a custom wedding dress designer or simply re-styling the almost perfect wedding gown they’ve found, and adding the aforementioned 2012 enhancements and flair.

With this in mind, it becomes even more important for busy brides to be to consider all of their options while staying within their budget.

Touch Of Class Bridal offers the latest 2012 wedding dress alterations and styles

Restyle Your Wedding Dress With The Latest 2012 Wedding Dress Fashion Adding Style & Elegance

What is certainly most true in 2011 and for at least the near future is that most brides are definitely on a budget! Not every bride can afford a Vera Wang gown.

So where does a busy bride to be… that is on a budget look to save money without compromising style?

One great way 2012 and 2013 brides and beyond can truly create their own special one-of-a-kind wedding dress is by visiting an independent designer and seamstress.

This of course is after they have searched trunk shows, bridal boutiques, national bridal chain stores and bridal shows for ideas.

Once a bride has settled on the silhouette of her gown, the neck line, materials and overall look, the next step is finding a talented local wedding dress designer or seamstress that can put many of the elements that a bride envisions into the dream concept wedding dress.

In major cities like New York and Los Angeles putting together a one-of-a-kind custom wedding dress creation complete with custom neckline, satin, lace or chiffon materials, sheer fabrics, sleeves and victorian inspired corsets, can cost over $5,000

Yet, with careful research many brides can find an elegant wedding dress consisting of the right materials, asymmetrical, or curvy silhouette and then add the necessary sought after applications and enhancements that will make the dress truly inspiring and long remembered.

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations specializes in wedding dress design and wedding dress restyling. Brides can change a zipper back to a corset for under $200 for example. Brides can also add illusion net, lace, and organza to their dress neckline, train, and hem.

2012 bridal fashion wedding dress styles 2012

An Expert Seamstress Helps Brides Create The Latest 2012 Bridal Fashion Trends & Styles On A Custom Wedding Dress Restyle At Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations In Phoenix AZ

Many brides opt for custom lace applications around the hem, and french bustle that has many points to enhance their gown, adding fullness without being too poofy…

Again, and expert designer and seamstress can help a bride that has encountered difficulty in creating the look they want… for much less than an expensive bridal salon or wedding dress store.

For example, many wedding dress stores in phoenix AZ offer bridal alterations but the cost of doing multiple alterations on an already expensive wedding dress can add up to over $600 in many cases.

A great way for budget minded brides to save on the overall cost of their wedding gown is to visit an independent designer and seamstress after getting a quote from an expensive bridal boutique.

What many brides are shocked to discover is that they can find more patient and attentive service with faster turnaround times by visiting an independent designer and seamstress in phoenix.

Mari, the owner at Touch Of Class has over 100 reviews online from phoenix area brides that love her work and more importantly, her prices.

When considering the latest 2012 bridal fashion trends brides should always consider getting a second opinion on their alterations needs.

What many brides also discover is that while many busy bridal shops in phoenix and all over the country can perform reasonably well on more elaborate alterations and dress restyling to help a bride get the look she wants, many simply do not have the time or are running too close to deadlines.
This of course can lead to the inevitable trend we have seen over and over again in the bridal industry…

Many brides encounter bridal alterations departments that over-promise and often under-deliver… In fact, there are plenty of reviews online from brides that have endured a wedding dress emergency or bridal horror story due to their wedding dress not being properly altered or even worse, not completed in time for the wedding.

One of the benefits of working with an independent designer and seamstress is more personalized attention, attention to detail and higher quality craftsmanship. After all, an independent seamstress sets her own schedule whereas a busy bridal shop or wedding store often overbooks their seamstress department.

Touch Of Class bridal and alterations offers dress restyling and custom wedding dresses in phoenix az

Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations in Phoenix Offers An Expert Seamstress With 25 Years Experience... Touch Of Class Wedding Dress Designer & Owner Mari, offers 2012 Custom Wedding Dress Styles & Dress Restyling To Make Your Dream 2012 or 2013 Wedding Dress A Reality :)

Unfortunately, when a seamstress working in a store is overbooked, brides end up feeling the effects and lack of service.

Many brides report waiting over an hour despite arriving on time for their bridal fitting. Other brides report a seamstress that always seems to steer them away from doing more complex alterations or simply charging way too much to again manipulate a brides decisions.

And of course, many stores do in fact make a higher profit margin on both alterations and accessories, so it is quite common for a seamstress to recommend alterations and accessories that a bride many not feel comfortable with based on price.

Yet, since many busy bridal stores out of necessity schedule bridal fittings too close to the wedding day, many brides feel pressure to purchase and get their alterations done, regardless of the cost…

At Touch Of Class Alterations we feel there is a better way. Brides can come in for alterations 90-120 days before their wedding to get the alterations done for 50-70% less than most bridal stores and wedding boutiques, with the guarantee that they can come back just weeks before their wedding day for a final fitting and adjustment at no additional cost.

Most importantly brides that are looking to create an original, elegant and sophisticated wedding dress for their 2012 or 2013 wedding will absolutely be surprised by how much easier it is to get the look they want for less, by coming in for a free wedding dress consultation and free bridal fitting at Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations.

Many of the same fashion-forward trends for 2012 can be attained by purchasing a more reasonably priced wedding gown or dress and then adding the sought after elements like a corset back, lace sleeves, illusion net neckline, modesty panel, hem from waist, bead work, sequins and even stunning swarovski crystals for hundreds less than a wedding dress store.

One thing is for certain… 2012 and 2013 brides are looking for romantic lace a-line dresses, silk and organza print and dot patterned gowns, sheer form fitting gowns, halter-top weddig gowns, and bedazzled wedding dresses which feature brilliant, sequined and crystal emblazoned bodices and sweetheart necklines.

What better way is there to create a stunning 2012 bridal fashion style and look for less? Check out the Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations website for more information on custom wedding dress designs and bridal alterations for less.

Many brides are looking to add color as in pink sashes to match their wedding theme. Another highly anticipated trend for 2012 and 2013 is the addition of elegant lace sleeves, higher necklines and mermaid dress styles that truly flatter curvy brides.

Any and many more of these 2012 wedding dress styles and trends can be customized with a dress restyling from Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations. Brides that wish to create the look for less will happy to find that Touch Of Class never charges a fitting fee or dress consultation fee.

For reviews and helpful information see Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations on Wedding Wire and the Knot ( Wedding Channel ) websites under bridal shops and alterations.

To A Fantastic Fall 2011 wedding season and the upcoming 2012 bridal fashion debuts!

Mari Touch Of Class Master Seamstress With 25 years experience phoenix az

Mari Can Help Any Bride Get The Latest 2012 Bridal Fashion Styles For Less At Touch Of Class Bridal & Alterations

Congratulations on your upcoming special day  :)



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